» Title: ベッドルーム » CV: Isamu Kuroi » Release Date: 2020.06.26 » Label: GOLD » Type: R18 Drama CD
The sweet and gentle Kaoru Hitomi The sweet & cold tsundere Yuuki Kawakami A moment before going to sleep with your beloved boyfriend– You’re not expecting anything, but you want to listen to him. You are tired, so you want for him to stay with you. You want him to embrace you. You want to hear his voice. You will be spoiled all night by Kaoru. You will receive an intense healing all night from Yuuki. This is your bedroom story of a particular “trivial” night. Liesel’s Sinful Corner 💭 Not @ me that initially read the title as PETroom 😂😂😂 This bitch was so excited for the kinky stuff lmfao I’m still looking fwd to this title, but it hits different when it’s a PETroom vs BEDroom 😂😂😂
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