Choukyou Kyoudai

» Title: 調教兄妹 お兄ちゃんに弱みを握られてオモチャにされちゃった私 » CV: Tetsuto Furukawa » Release Date: 2020.06.26 » Label: poisonist » Type: R18 Drama CD
Your parents went on a trip while you stayed with your older brother Tomoya. You got in an argument with Tomoya for something insignificant and shut yourself in your room. You looked at R18 content online which turned you on and you began touching yourself. Tomoya caught you by accident and recorded you. He threatened you to make the video public if you didn’t listen to what he said. From that day, your days as your brother’s sexual plaything began– Liesel’s Sinful Corner 💭 Me: Tomoya is a sick pervert 🤮 Also me: 😏😏😏
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