Futari ni Honrousareru Koi by Brothers

» Title: ふたりに翻弄される恋 by Brothers
» CV: Atushi Domon & Kumaniku Fuyuno
» Release Date: 2020.06.24
» Label: Vanilla Recipe
» Type: R18 Drama CD


You returned to your home town for a business trip and you met with Shinji, your childhood friend, at the station. After that, you met with Yuuichi, Shinji’s older brother, who you used to date and that you hadn’t seen in a long time. On the way back to their house, Shinji confessed to you that he had liked you for a long time. Later, when you were drinking together at their house, Yuuichi told you that he still likes you, and he kissed you…!!!

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Please DO NOT REPOST, RETRANSLATE, OR USE my translations in any way without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate.

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