[TL Comics] Oboreru Natsu, shitataru ase, karamiau futari.

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» Title: おぼれる夏、したたる汗、絡みあうふたり。
» Author(s): Tanishi Kawano, Chihiro Yuzuki, Sankaku, Riku Kukai, Uruko Matsumoto, Mika
» Release Date: 2020.07.11
» Type: TL Anthology


“so wet…it’s more than just sweat”

He plays around with my nipples with his hot tongue while he stirs up my insides with his fingers…at this rate, the ice cream will melt!

We both work at an ice cream shop.

We should be taste-testing the new ice cream…

“You’re sweet and delicious”

but he is eating me instead!!

Hot and passionate…until it melts the deepest part of you!! Once he gets a taste, he won’t stop until you’re completely covered in sweat. A collection of romantic and passionate summer-themed stories.

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One thought on “[TL Comics] Oboreru Natsu, shitataru ase, karamiau futari.”

  1. Oh raios, acabo de ver el preview del manga y justamente me percato de que es de la misma mangaka de “Fuego en sus dedos” x///x ¡mujer cruel! Es demasiado para nuestro corazones y justo ahorita en tiempos de cuarentena XD Muchas gracias por tus traducciones :’D


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