Shuuchaku eye1


The 1st volume of Shuuchaku eye which was released back in September 2016 is getting a remake! (Warning: This work is recommended for ages 18+)

※Please do not repost, retranslate, or use my translations without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate!


Someone is watching me――.

Shortly after your boyfriend Ryou Manaka suddenly broke up with you, someone started stalking you persistently. With no one to depend on, you became both physically and mentally exhausted. Your boss Kousuke Sakagami noticed something was wrong and invited you out to eat to cheer you up.

“You’ve endured it all alone until now”


You told Kousuke about your problem with the stalker and he offered to help you which put your mind at ease. However, the stalking did not cease, instead it escalated as the days went by.

“Could it be that the stalker is someone close to you?” 

Kousuke’s speculation gave you a sense of foreboding. Then one day, Ryou suddenly showed up at your house…..


  1. 見えない執着
  2. メンタルケア
  3. 朧げな囁き
  4. 頼れるボディーガード
  5. アラート
  6. 隠し事
  7. 理想の上司
  8. 不健全なオアシス


  • Title: Shuuchaku eye1
  • Original Title: 執着eye1
  • Cast: Masato Kawamura
  • Release Date: July 31, 2020
  • Label: BULLET
  • Type: R18 Drama CD
  • Official Website:
  • Official Twitter: @canaria_record

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