R18 Doujin CDs: July 2020

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Depravity ~Violated by a Criminal~ (CV. Yusei Noki)

Circle: redsheep pavilion | Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: It’s easy for your life to go off the rails… you’re a police officer who falls into a criminal’s trap and….

My Devil-summoning Ritual Made My Virgin Classmate a Handsome Incubus (CV. OneNightLove & Takezou Koike)

Circle: Forbidden fruit | Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You chant the words to the spell, and a devil appears to grant your wish! ..it seems… Who actually appears is the virgin classmate in your club, Yukai Akuma, and his handsome devil form, who is divided into his body and mind selves. The two assault you! Why? Yukai’s Body: “Because I’m a sex devil.” Yukai’s Mind: “Because I love you~”

Sweet & Intense Whispering Sex ~An After-test Reward~ (CV. Yuusei Noki)

Circle: AreaS | Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Shuuhei Endo is your junior in the student council. After a sudden confession of love, the two of you started going out. Next year, he’ll be taking pivotal tests that will decide what university he can get into, but he isn’t so book-smart, so you decide to help him out. You thought it might be problematic putting aside fun dates for study sessions, but you both do your best. After the test, you head over to his house, and it seems he can’t hold in his passion and love any longer. Shuuhei: “Give me a reward for my hard work…” There, in his room after school, the two of you have intense sex under the covers.

Intense Loving With a Princely Android Bodyguard ~Leave Chores and Sex to Him~ (CV. Tanato Shinwa)

Circle: mellow yellow | Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your android bodyguard. The heroine tries to insert the final personality adjustment disc, but ends up putting in a porn DVD with the concept of “loving until you pass out”. As a result, he uses his muscular bodyguard body to go all night long in bed. Can do more difficult positions with ease.

Captured by a Fallen Angel (CV. Tomoki Riku)

Circle: Under Rain | Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’re an angel, and you’ve been dispatched to Earth to work undercover as a human. One day, you awaken in a strange mansion, and see before you the face of a beautiful man. “You’re an angel, right? That fragrance gives it away…” he whispers. “I’m just like you…” he says as he shows you his wings. He’s an angel named Liam, and he has been living on Earth since getting exiled from heaven. What more, he’s been propositioned by demons to hunt angels for them, in exchange for all the alcohol and women he can handle. “But until I hand over any angels, I’m free to decide what to do with them, and I like to enjoy that time…I’ll teach you lots of things you don’t know about. Having zero experience with men, you are unable to resist the temptation of this beautiful fallen angel…

Castaway ~Married in Paradise~ (CV. Tsubasa Kuzai)

Circle: melopure | Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your cruise ship sank and you washed up on an uncharted island. Luckily, one of the natives rescued you — a particularly handsome, dark-skinned, blue-eyed man named Teshika. Your awakening is seen as cause for celebration by the villagers. Because they think you’re a goddess. Now you’re being married off to Teshika, the chief’s son, and the ceremony involves some very public intercourse…

Life with Low Level Incubi ~Iku and Iku~ (CV. Hirame Ichijou)

Circle: monoBlue | Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Incubus… a dream demon. They enter into the dreams of humans, and live on through sex. But this story is about two low-level incubi who cannot enter dreams. They’ve lived their lives on the bottom wrung of demon society. After receiving advice that it’s easier to enter the dreams of women troubled by nightmares, the the two stumble upon you, and are able to enter into your dreams! The two work to heal you through their ecchi work…enjoy your time with them!

Binding Therapy (DLsite Bonus Track Included] (CV. Manaka Sawa)

Circle: etoile | Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: I just knew that we were fated to meet and become lovers.

Nightly Newlywed Baby-making Sex (CV. Mitsuru Nagasao)

Circle: KZentertainment | Type: R18 Doujin

Synopsis: An audio work about a newlywed couple having lots to sex to try and have a baby. No matter how much cum her husband shoots inside her, she doesn’t seem to be getting pregnant. So, their pregnancy advisor gets them to take a trip to a certain power spot said to aid impregnation…

Indecent Catharsis: My Son in Law Is Waiting in Bed (CV. Isakichi)

Circle: yorozu-ya | Type: R18 Doujin

Synopsis: When your husband was away on a long business trip, your son in law caught you masturbating. And since that time, he’s become quite a man… You want him so badly, you’ll do anything for his love… his semen… It’s as if your womb is trembling at the thought of his touch… It may be wrong, but it feels so right. Anal, creampies, dirty talk, and more!

Infatuation ~I Love My Stepsister So Much I Decided to Dominate Her~ (CV. Raiden Nijo)

Circle: Icicle Pink | Type: R18 Doujin

Synopsis: “With this, you are completely mine now” Receive warped love from your big step-brother Sougo! You are prisoner to the passion and pleasure he imparts on your body. In bed, in the car, in the bathroom, a high-class restaurant, a hotel suite… his desire to dominate you escalates further and further. Will this extreme forbidden love lead to powerful, unbreakable love, or will it lead to ruin? Happy ending and bad ending included! The fate of this warped incestuous romance is in your hands…


The Twin Butlers’ Love and Desire (CV. Kamonegi)

Circle: sex drive | Type: R18 Doujin

Synopsis: Two butlers in service to a young lady — though they are twins, their personalities are quite different… When the topic of marriage for their young mistress is broached, the butlers begin an illicit relationship with her.

Confined in the Exam Room ~Forced Pregnancy Treatment~ (CV. Mitsuru Nagasao)

Circle: KZentertainment | Type: R18 Doujin

Synopsis: Joutarou is a doctor who’s back in town to look after his father. He always had feelings for you,his high school classmate, but you never paid him much mind. When a chance reunion leads him to confess his feelings, you refuse, telling him you’re engaged. He offers to drive you to the train station the next morning, but he brings some animal tranquilizer with him…

I Made My Beloved Childhood Friend My Slave (CV. Hirame Ichijou)

Circle: Nemophila’s Coffin | Type: R18 Doujin

Synopsis: A visit to your childhood friend gets serious when you black out and wake up with a camera in your face…

Matchless flower – Bondage boyfriend (CV. Hirame Ichijou)

Circle: ICECRYSTAL | Type: R18 Doujin

Synopsis: You’ve reunited with your middle school crush Ibuki at your class reunion, and things heated up pretty fast… but he’s got a bit of a strange fetish…



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