[R18 Drama CD] Otona no Natsu Yasumi Vol. 1 Nouka Tatsu Kawabe no Baai

大人の夏休み 農家・川辺 竜の場合(CV:久喜大)

Hituzigumo’s 18+ situation cd 大人の夏休み 農家・川辺 竜の場合 (Otona no Natsu Yasumi Vol. 1 Nouka Tatsu Kawabe no Baai) is set to be released on July 31, 2020!


“Can you buy condoms in vending machines there?”

Waiting for you to return home during summer vacation was Tatsu, a farmer living next door. You provided refreshments to him while he worked in the farm. Meanwhile, the sexual tension between you two kept rising. In the sweltering heat of midsummer,  you lost yourselves while you sought for each other over and over again…it was wonderful…

character profile

Tatsu Kawabe (CV. Masaru Kuki)


Coming Soon


You can read more about this cd series in my Otona no Natsu Yasumi Page...


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