[Translation] Blackstar Theater Starless “Hatsukoi” Lyrics

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  • Title: Hatsukoi
  • Original Title: はつ恋
  • Artist: Maica (Singer: kradness) & Rindou (Singer: Ajikko)
  • Game: Blackstar Theater Starless
  • Event: White Day Event (2020)
  • Team/Cast Members: Team P / Rindou, Maica, Menou, Sinju, Yakou
  • Original Work:


(Game Version)

Destiny is the white sunshine in the summer
that takes all of my breath away
The sound of laughter is carried a long way

The fickle magic in your eyes
makes me go back and forth in a maze
keeping me captive just like this

Being by your side makes my heart flutter
I want you to only look at me and no one else

Even if I try to hide it,
you already know that I am so in love with you

The charm of
It is because I
your sweet and alluring voice
am in love with you

Even if I am not within the reach
of your line of sight
Everything changes when you’re in love
That’s why you don’t have to suffer all alone (kiss you miss you)
So don’t cry (kiss you miss you)
I am by your side (kiss you miss you)

Kiss you, Miss you 
Kiss you, Miss you


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