HAPPY TRIP -Onzoushi to Ren’ai chuu-

» Title: HAPPY TRIP -御曹司と熱愛中-
» CV: Obelisk=Roki
» Release Date: 2020.08.28
» Label: iris quartz
» Type: R18 Drama CD


You drank too much wine on your first date and fell asleep at the hotel. You had planned to spend the time relaxing with each other the next morning, however, an urgent job came up for Tooru so the two of you went to South of France. The purpose of his business trip was a party in which Tooru introduced you as his “fiance.” Although you were next to him, you felt out of place in such a dazzling world. This is your story of a HAPPY TRIP with Tooru who loves working in the hotel.

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