[R18 Drama CD] Iinazuke ni Tojikomerarete Komattemasu

An arranged marriage that leads to being locked up in the basement…?!

» Title: 許婚に閉じ込められて困ってます
» CV: Isamu Kuroi
» Release Date: 2020.09.11
» Label: chocolat blanc
» Type: R18 Drama CD

It was decided that when you turned eighteen you would marry your fiance whom you met just once when you were six years old. And thus, your wedding ceremony was held with just family. Later on that day at night, for some reason you were locked up in the basement… From that day on, your training life with him began.

– 01. Hajimari no Hi
– 02. Chika Seikatsu
– 03. Ame
– 04. Meirei
– 05. Ani to iu Sonzai
– 06. Kako
– 07. Shinjiru Koto
– 08. Mou hitori Janai



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