[R18 Doujin CD] September 2020 Releases

This list includes 18+ doujin cd releases & my personal picks for September 2020 from DLsite! I’ll continue updating it throughout the month so make sure to check it often ♡

Not all doujin releases may be listed in this post. For all audio drama works available, please check out the links below:


Sadistic Deity’s proposal!

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: For him to get back his deity powers, he needs *** from you!? He saps all the energy from you daily…!

Real – He is Your Master –

Circle: Destruction

Synopsis: The master you loved and admired so much has thrown you out. But then, in your hour of need, a former animal trainer calls out to you. He wants to show you his skills. And just as his name implies, he becomes a light in your life…

Drugged and Raped By 20 Beastly Men

Circle: KZentertainment

Synopsis: It’s your first year in college, and everyone from your club is having a drinking party. And you were the only girl there! All the guys are pretty sleazy, too…

Seduced by a Sex-driven Playboy, and Unable to Refuse Hot Sex at His Place (CV. Pegasus Umanami)

Circle: KZentertainment

Synopsis: This guy might actually be nice…you’re convinced as you surrender your body to this gaudy-looking playboy, but it turns out he was just another sex-driven man…

Sweety Sweet Boys 14 ~Case of Keima Kouzaki~ (CV. Nahiro)

Circle: Utakata Soushi Sound Inn

Synopsis: You find the love that suits you is the kind with an end in sight, so you’ve been in a pattern of cheating and adulterous behavior for some time. However, one day, your coworker Keima snaps a photo of you cheating, and blackmails you into going on a date with him. And so the sweet teasing begins…

Contract Security ~Pay With Your Body~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’re the daughter of a prestigious CEO, and your life is in danger! Luckily there are some handsome bodyguards on hand to keep you safe. But you don’t pay them with money…

Feverish Boyfriend ~A Melty Injection for a Hot Body~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’re already dealing with a fever, but now you have to deal with your hot-blooded boyfriend? Your head and body go blank from melty climaxes! 2 works about ecchi home care.

Determined Female Mercenary Pierced By Her Former Captain ~Corrupted Copulation~ (CV. Touma Totsuki)

Circle: Fallen Maiden Inferno

Synopsis: A cold swordswoman. A pure swordsman, loved by an evil person, and tainted by darkness. When you were little, did you have have dreams like that? This is a story of a swordsman wrapped up in an evil plan. Welcome to a world of sweet corruption.

The Black Prince and White Prince ~The Favored Bride~ (CV. Yuuji Masuoka, Makoto Kannadzuki, Yukimitsu Koshi)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: When your parents find out the princes are searching for a partner, they present you as a potential bride. And so begin your “trials” of being used as a sex toy. After days of being used by the two princes and their butler, your feelings begin to change. Whose bride will you become? Sweetly intense royal romance.

Hate Your Rival, Love Your Rival

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: The two of you just don’t get along. Well, not emotionally or mentally. But physically? Get ready for a wild ride…

Obedience ~His Beloved Pet~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: To protect your family, your job… you’ll do whatever he says…

Training Your Innocent Body ~XXX Domestic Training~ (CV. Sekizou Toujima Tetsuto, Furukawa, NamikazeTateru)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: Three handsome tutors help you get ready for marriage, with a specific focus on your responsibilities in the bedroom…

Sensual Author ~The Editor’s Other Job~

Circle: Otome Drama

Synopsis: You’re a new editor in charge of a hot, young author. But when you arrive at his place, he tells you he needs your help with getting ideas…

Escalate! Total Obedience to My Sadist Boyfriend

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You lost your mom when you very young, so now it’s just you and your father. But he’s got a lot of debt… or he did, until you encountered two different men. One’s smart and serious, one’s bold and brash, but they’re both total doms… Can you endure their day-to-day bullying?

Life With A Butler Special!: Your Celibate Steward Hiori (CV. Hirame Ichijou)

Circle: monoBlue

Synopsis: You are the mistress of the manor, and many people work inside your abode. However, the only ones who can attend to you personally are the butlers. Your personal butler is the ever-loyal Hiori. He is devoted to serving you, with no personal desire to speak of, or so you think. However, the emergence of a new butler has changed him somewhat. Enjoy your life with a butler!

Peropet ~High-Quality Animal Eared Boy’s Deredere Ecchi~ (CV. Shinobu Takase)

Circle: Under Rain

Synopsis: One rainy night, you found a dog all alone outside. You decided to take him home, clean him up, and let him sleep in your bed. But when you woke up the next morning, your dog was a man! Now you’ve got a loving boyfriend who will do anything to make you happy.

Fairytale Hypnosis – Snow White ~Dream from the Poison Apple~ (CV. Reiji Takatori & Ryoichi Katagiri)

Circle: hypnos

Synopsis: This is a hypnosis audio work. The storyteller puts you in a hypnotic state in order to immerse you in your actions as Snow White with the prince.

[Binaural] -VR- Whispers from a Sensual S+M Boyfriend (CV. Evangelist)

Circle: Evangelist ASMR

Synopsis: You finally meet your boyfriend after a long period of self-isolation.
Sometimes he’s the sadist, and sometimes he’s the masochist,
but no matter the time or place, but he always got a massive hard-on for you. He’s okay with you biting him, forcing him to ejaculate, or
anything else, but he’s equally okay with teasing you until you go wild. Enjoy your time with this hybrid boyfriend!

Elite Boyfriends ~Body & Mind~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: Do you prefer hard, hunky policemen, firefighters, and baseball players, or do you like smart, sophisticated teachers and doctors? Either way, You’ve come to the right place.

RAIN ~A Story of Me, Her, and a Downpour~ (CV. Yuusei Noki)

Circle: Swampfield Witch

Synopsis: The feeling of her touch still sticks with me… At the bus stop on a rainy day. I was just reading my usual study materials when a certain girl, soaked from the rain, starts teasing me… I’m at the whims of this aggressive girl, and the pleasure of her fondling is too much for me…

My First Time ~Taken by Him~ (CV. Ren Nakae, Tetsuto Furukawa, NamikazeTateru, Sekizou Toujima)

Circle: Evangelist ASMR

Synopsis: Your virginity is taken by your childhood friend, the senior you like, and a train molester in a variety of ways. The pain, the pleasure, the climax, the wetness…

The Night I Got Raped by my Stalker (CV. Sakato Togai)

Circle: Lime unjour

Synopsis: You’re exhausted on your way home from working overtime. As usual. But a strange young man approaches and takes you to a parking lot… you don’t know him, but he sure seems to know you. And if the bindings are anything to go by, he’s got big plans…

Make the Lower Parts Dance ~1.5 Hours of 69 Cunnilingus Princess Time~ (CV. Shio Amagai)

Circle: Pair Leaf Workshop

Synopsis: An hour and a half of cunnilingus only audio! For those times you want to have a guy service your lower half, this work is here for you.

As Long as There’s Love…

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: “No matter what happens, as long as we’re together, I can overcome anything…”

Exhibition Training a Masochist Older Girl ~A Walk in the Shopping Mall~

Circle: Smile Cat

Synopsis: A humiliation audio work about a masochist woman taking orders from a younger man at a shopping mall.

Muscular 3-way and 2000ml of Semen! ~Let Us Drown You in Pleasure~ (CV. Wataru Mitsuhashi & Dynamo Murata)

Circle: LOVIP

Synopsis: You get approached by two huge, and handsome rugby players at a VIP party, then taken back to a suite room for some hardcore loving!? An audio work for complete masochist woman!

Wine Personification (CV. ShikoShou, Kei Katakura, Makoto Tohno, Kiwa Mayuzumi)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: In order to become a fully fledged wine expert, you must learn about all the “tastes” of these wine personifications every night! What flavor do you prefer?

Alternative Lover (CV. Ii-Kinniku)

Circle: nyaashaka

Synopsis: You use sexroid technology to craft your ideal lover. Kind and beautiful, he cares for you from the bottom of his heart. However, his lifespan is only 2 days… A bittersweet love story.

Theo ~With You Under the Night Sky~ (CV. Tettou Tsurumi)

Circle: white mist

Synopsis: At this cheap housing complex for single men, there is a secret service. A co-sleeping room for those lonely hearts who want to sleep the night away with another. You’re one such customer, and the man that comes to help you is also doing this for the first time. So kind you could cry, sometimes clumsy, sometimes overly indecent towards you… His voice. His breath. His lips. The memories of it are all so clear. Who indulged themselves under that night sky? Body and soul. Healed, or hurt. On this sleepless night, recall the time that cowardly couple spent together…

 Cherished and Trained ~Shameful Playthings~ (CV. Munaita-Teppan-MEAT)

Circle: StrawberryChouchou

Synopsis: You and your fellow orphan Miyoshi live a difficult life, but you’re always there for each other. One day you’re both adopted by a group of wealthy people who want to put you on display in some kind of vulgar show. And Miyoshi’s getting the hang of the training, so you ask him to help you learn…

You Laugh Lewdly, You Lose – 1st Season (CV. Nagashima, Tettou Tsurumi, Ryo Momoido)

Circle: DragonPeach

Synopsis: A set of short works about trying not to laugh no matter how wild things get!

Naughty Host Club (CV. Isuke Natsumura, Umao Kaneda, Tetsuto Furukawa, NamikazeTateru, Kyousuke Azuma)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: After your aunt falls ill, she asks you to manage her host club while she’s hospitalized. You have to train the new hosts, but with the crop this time, you’re going to have your hands full… On the sofa during training… After hours at a love hotel… Quietly during a backroom inventory check You’re supposed to be the teacher, but these guys end up educating you all about pleasure~ How will this management gig turn out?

Lovers Clinic 3 – Doctor Super Love Ai Sukisugi (CV. Tohru Okumichi)

Circle: Frizzclip

Synopsis: What is the Lover’s Clinic? Some women want a date, but aren’t very good at talking to the opposite sex… For all those women, there’s the Lover’s Clinic! Various secret lessons will help any girl become a pro!

Bodily Counseling ~Instincts Released~ (CV. Kiwa Mayuzumi, Inusuke Mori, Makoto Kaburagi, Naoto†Sanctuary)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’re not too sexually experienced, but that’s what the sex therapist is for! They’ll help you figure out exactly what you like…

Enchanting Sex Beneath the Fireworks (CV. Reiji Takatori)

Circle: Dreamcatchers

Synopsis: Your boyfriend tries to get your attention while you’re distracted by the beautiful fireworks.

I’ll Give You First-rate Sex ~You’re a Satisfying Meal~ 4 (CV. Daisuke Yagami)

Circle: Burgundy

Synopsis: A love story between you and him… 

Double Boyfriend ~Sweet Lover & Tyranical Ex~ (CV. Makoto Kannaduki, Shoichi Dokkoi, Triple B)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’ve been dating your boyfriend for half a year. After deciding to move in together, you’re at the peak of happiness, but then… One day, your ex-boyfriend suddenly grabs you, takes you behind an alley, and has his way with you…!? What more, a friend also sees you with your ex, and uses the information to blackmail you!? A love-square if double boyfriend + friend begins…

Sweet & Intense Whispering Sex ~Your Boyfriend Comes Home Drunk~ (CV. Wataru Mitsuhashi)

Circle: AreaS

Synopsis: You’ve been married to a guy two years older than you for 4 months now. You’re still just as excited by him as the day you met. One day he comes home late after a work party – and he’s a liiiiiittle tipsy. “Aw, don’t go to bed yet. I’m off tomorrow. Wanna have sex? Just a little?” Enjoy this situation voice drama about loving sex with your boyfriend late at night…

Absolute Impregnation! The Seeding Service Center (CV. U-kun)

Circle: koe rings

Synopsis: In the near future, to combat Japan’s declining birthrate, the government has set up a nationally recognized center of impregnation specialists. There are a range of courses and specialists for you to enjoy, including amateur A ranks, all the way to veteran SS ranks. Care to experience such a world? 

Ad-lib Sex ~Entrepreneur Who Loves You Too Much~ (CV. Kaoru Matsutake)

Circle: Paralyze

Synopsis: A young, successful businessman loves you too much. He’s a beautiful, positive, and wonderful guy, but…as you spend time together, you get to see another side of him.

Delivery Boyfriend Calling Up a Big-d*ck Fem-Romeo (CV. Ryoichi Katagiri)

Circle: Sacrifice

Synopsis: Tired from work, chores, friends, raising kids, you go online and find yourself a delivery boyfriend. Still hurt from a past relationship, you choose a man who resembles the one you used to like. The day of the appointment, you find yourself waiting nervously inside a love hotel room. Just before the appointed time, you hear a knock on the door…

Start Your Newlywed Life (CV. Toori Kazami, Sugoroku Michizane, Kojiroh)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: Happy newlywed life with your new husband! Your honeymoon night, and daily life with various husbands!

Working Boyfriend – Bartender (CV. Daito Shunsuke)

Circle: redsheep pavilion

Synopsis: The second release in the “Working Boyfriend” series, about meeting and falling in love with men that work in your neighborhood.

A Loving Hand to a Chuunibyou Guy ~Last Stage~ (CV. Sametaro)

Circle: Dreamin’&Dreamy

Synopsis: While discussing your subordinate’s performance over drinks one day, you find out her has a different side. An edgier side… that only comes out online and at the bar!

Dangerous Family Planning! ~ He’s Not my REAL Brother… (CV. Saruhiko Yanai, Triple B, Sekizou Toujima)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: While you and your sibling aren’t connected by blood, you can connect in other ways… at home, at school, in the bath…

Dangerous Animal Play (CV. Saruhiko Yanai, Triple B, Sekizou Toujima)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: Have a dangerously sexy time with your boyfriend… He’s a real animal in bed!

All-Purpose Sex ~Invitation to A World of Pleasure~ (CV. U-kun)

Circle: koe rings

Synopsis: A smooth-talking boy gets you to try something new in bed… and it turns out you really like it!

I Can’t Hold Back After My Girlfriend Sweetly Seduces Me (CV. Azuma Midorigawa)

Circle: Azuma Midorigawa

Synopsis: You return home drunk from a class reunion, and sweetly lure your boyfriend into assaulting you. The handcuffs come out too.

Sweet happiness (CV. GoTouToraBeru)

Circle: Felice

Synopsis: Tired in body and soul, you find yourself drawn to this manor…

frothy dream (CV. Miharu Utakata)

Circle: fleeting dream

Synopsis: Once you try it, you may not be able to go back…!

Enkai no Palast ~Days of ****ing Your Knightly Childhood Friend at the Inn~

Circle: puppy

Synopsis: In a small village on the eastern outskirts of the kingdom, you run a flower shop with your parents. A big order from the capital sends you on a delivery trip, but upon arriving, you pass out, and awaken in someone’s bed…

Sexual Dysfunction ~Ghost Boyfriends~ (CV. Triple B, Tetsuto Furukawa, Toori Kazami, DokkoiSho-ichi)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: A girl moves into a “sexually dysfunctional property”, only to find it’s haunted by ghosts who are as horny as they are hunky…

The Manager’s Duties ~Team Member’s XXX Help~ (CV. Saruhiko, Yanai, Makoto Furukawa, Umao Kaneda, Triple B)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: The student manager takes one for the team! The basketball team, the swim team, the baseball team…

Amnesia ~Repeating Boyfriends~ (CV. Tetsuto Furukawa Ren Nakae Makoto Kannadzuki Yuuji Masuoka)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’ve lost your memory, but don’t worry, your boyfriend is with you… But after you get intimate, another guy appears claiming the same thing. And so it goes on and on… but of the four, who’s telling the truth?

Sensual Department Store ~Wet Hospitality~ (CV. Tetsuto Furukawa, Isuke Natsumura, Triple B, Makoto Kannaduki)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You come to a department store, where it is rumored the gentlemanly staff will be your escort, and provide delightful sexual service. It turns out to be filled with handsome gentlemen just waiting to get you wet!

Let’s Make a Baby Before the Battle!(CV. Sametarou)

Circle: Fine Ribbon

Synopsis: A kind man who loves you as much as he loves his country. He’s been thinking that before the next battle, he’d like to have a child.

Syrupy Sweet Lesson ~Lovey Yoga~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: A wet lesson of climaxing yoga. Your teacher brings out lots of reactions from your sensitive body…

Lovey & Abnormal *** ~Intense Play with Him Tonight~ (CV. Yukimitsu Koshi, Tetsuto Furukawa, Triple B)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: The three men who will be developing you: * Your sadistic and older boyfriend * Your kind but foul-mouthed tsundere boyfriend * Your younger, and curious boyfriend Take on some abnormal sex play with 3 different hot guys!? As long as there is love, even play like that is pleasurable…

Raw, Sweaty Sex with My Hakata Dialect Cousin (CV. U-kun)

Circle: koe rings

Synopsis: You return to your home in the countryside of Fukuoka, and you’re greeted by your older cousin, whom you always played with when you were young. He has grown up, but he hasn’t changed at all. Of course, you used to have feelings for him, and those feelings might spring up again…

Love Spa ~Fall in Love With His Technique…~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’re not too confident in your body — a day at the adults-only spa may help. And when the door opens, you’re greeted by his dazzling smile…

The Virgin (CV. Kanade Ochi)

Circle: Horny Story

Synopsis You’ve never had a boyfriend before, but you do now! And he’s going to take the lead… just leave it all to him… The real thing might disappoint you after this…

The Obscene Fascination

Circle: fleeting dream

Synopsis: A completely ad libbed fap training audio work!

Wet Hot Spring Story ~Young Master’s Newbie Instruction~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You end up living and working at the hot spring inn you love, but the famously handsome young owner turns out to be a massive sadist!? From day one, your body is pushed to its limits in more ways than one…

suzukaze R18 VOICE SOUND ONLY Part 2

Circle: suzukazehouse

Synopsis: More erotic audio is a variety of situations!

Future Toys with a Future Boy

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: A cute boy from the future uses his high-tech toys to give you an unforgettable experience in pleasure.

vocal aphrodisiac

Circle: fleeting dream

Synopsis: How about some delicious dressing to spice up the audio works you usually listen to?

Monochrome “SEX” NO’9 (CV: Satsu)

Circle: fleeting dream

Synopsis: Presenting just breathes and kisses, as purely as nothing more is added…


Sea is an Incubus

Circle: cyan

Synopsis: Sea the incubus awakens in the room of a struggling author. Though he’s an incubus, his lack of seduction skills has left him poor, and hungry. It seems the author picked him up, and decided to take care of him. The incubus wants to give thanks, so the author has him masturbate. Things escalate quickly from there…

Urethra Masturbation Live Streamer [Comic + Voice Drama Set] (CV. Mitsuru Nagasao, Kosurist III)

Circle: KZentertainment

Synopsis: A boy who is into masturbation live streaming is kindled by viewers
to show urethra plays with his friends.

Virginity Graduation Trip + Virginity Graduation Trip Continued [Comic + Voice Drama Set] (CV. Ataru Nikaisen, Takezou Koike, Mitsuru Nagasao)

Circle: KZentertainment

Synopsis: Yukinari and Hayato go to a hot spring inn for their graduation trip, only to realize that a gay AV is being filmed at a bath there! Peeking in on it, their dicks get rock hard, and soon enough, they’re performing themselves…! Next, they watch their own porn flick, and rubs their dicks together!

BL Brother Voice Drama ~Izonshou Kougun~ (CV. Yui Hashiba)

Circle: bisyounennkurabu

Synopsis: Every time his heart is broken, he asks his brother for a favor…

Stalker Boy BL Voice Drama “And Then, You’ll Be Mine” – Day 1 (CV. bisyounennkurabu)

Circle: bisyounennkurabu

Synopsis: A boy with an intense love for an older postman decides to pleasure brainwash him…

Heated Dick Battle! Drunk Salaryman Threesome on the Beach (CV. Ryouichi Katagiri, Mitsuhashi, Sobatarou)

Circle: K-DRIVE!

Synopsis: An audio work about office workers who get drunk and have sex.

[BL Voice Drama] A Dream That Blooms on a Summer Night Part 2 (CV. bisyounennkurabu)

Circle: bisyounennkurabu

Synopsis: The conclusion to the series. Morning comes to the inn, and the boy tries to wake his sleeping brother with some mischief.

Android ran out of charge! The charging method is XXX? (CV. Daisuke Shindo, Yoritada Konoe)

Circle: +No.490 officina

Synopsis: A charger x android BL voice drama.

MOMO (CV. OneNightLove, Kazuya Ichijou, Ataru Nikaisen, Pegasus Umanami,
Takezou Koike, Mamoru Chinposit, Rina Marina)

Circle: David

Synopsis: The story of Momo, a man born in a peach in a world of only old people, who goes on a journey to learn about sex.

Love Rules ~Secrets After School~ Lesson 3 AUTUMN (CV. Jun Fukuda & Kouto Shimamura)

Circle: M&S Label

Synopsis: Riku likes Keisuke, and after he finds out his secret, their relationship changes…

Masochist Hetero Men Disciplined by Sadist Woman [Comic + Voice Drama Set] (CV. Ataru Nikaisen, Takezou Koike, Mitsuru Nagasao, Haru Amachi)

Circle: KZentertainment

Synopsis: Two hetero guys are disciplined by a sadist woman. They’re forced to masturbate and have sex to serve as her arousal material.

Swimming Guy and Tentacles ~1st Contact

Circle: SplashRainbow

Synopsis: Shouta was just heading home after finishing some swim practice by himself, when a mysterious tentacle stretched out towards him…he is captured, toyed with, tickled, and pleasure corrupted! What is his fate?

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