[R18 Drama CD] Ai to Sore to no Kyoukaisen

His love is all you need. There is a boundary line between love and obsession…

» Title: 愛とソレとの境界線
» CV: Masato Kawamura
» Release Date: 2020.09.25
» Label: HolicWork DISC
» Type: R18 Drama CD

You crouched down in a corner of a building in the shopping district as you suffered from anemia. You had not been able to refuse the invitation to a drinking party at work and had been forced to drink.  Rio approached you and got you a taxi after taking care of you. You decided to pay him a visit at his shop some other day in order to thank him. When you found the courage to visit the host club, Rio fell in love with you and made a move on you. You also felt attracted to Rio who had helped you before and the two of you started dating. The sweet time continued for a while, but Rio started to become more and more obsessed with you.

– 01. Hankagai de no Deai
– 02. Amai Hajimari
– 03. Kimi ni Nozomu
– 04. Hontou no Ore
– 05. Sentaku no Mukou
– 06. Zutto Ore to [ED1]
– 07. Kyuukyoku no Ai [ED2]



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