[R18 Drama CD] Itami wo Tomonau Koto

His touch is all you need for the pain to go away…

» Title: 痛みを伴うこと
» CV: Manaka Sawa
» Release Date: 2020.09.11
» Label: chocolat blanc
» Type: R18 Drama CD

You suffer from a strange condition that makes you feel as if you get shocked by electricity whenever you touch someone from the opposite sex. Your condition gradually worsens which makes your older step-brother worry. At some point, you notice that your brother’s touch reduces the swelling of the affected area and you want him to keep touching you…

– 01. Futarigurashi
– 02. Itami to Kiduki
– 03. Otagai no Taishitsu
– 04. Kattou
– 05. Fuon
– 06. Furetai
– 07. Subete wa…
– 08. Otagai no Sonzai


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