[R18 Drama CD] PrivateDetective case.3 Hikaru Kurono

The young-looking detective is here to save the day, so leave everything in his hands!

» Title: PrivateDetective case.3 黒野洸
» CV: Kakeru Yunomachi
» Release Date: 2020.09.25
» Label: GOLD
» Type: R18 Drama CD

“We can inquire about anything, from men’s & women’s troubles to corporate crimes. Please feel free to visit “Private Detective”, also known as “PD”. Our special detectives await you.”

An acquaintance recommended you to pay a visit to the PD company everyone has been talking about lately. Thinking that he was a student working there part-time, you asked the young man that welcomed you if the detective was at home. “I’m also a detective. I’m an apprentice though,” he laughed. After talking with Hikaru again, you decided to leave everything to him–

– 01. Tantei Minarai
– 02. Tanomoshii Irainin
– 03. Urikomi
– 04. Hikaru Kuruno
– 05. Seika
– 06. Taiketsu
– 07. Jareai no Hate ni
– 08. Kore kara mo

Coming Soon

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