[R18 Drama CD] Yuukaku de no Chigiri Vol. 3 Martin Lindson

From a passionate affair at the Red-light district to buying your freedom and getting married. This is a love story between a noble and a prostitute.

» Title: 遊郭での契り ~マルティン・リンドソン~
» CV: Mikado Sumeragi
» Release Date: 2020.09.23
» Label: Vanilla Recipe
» Type: R18 Drama CD

“It feels like……I’m melting inside you……”

You’re a prostitute working at the “Terigaki Shop” in the “Red-light 7th district” exclusively for foreigners located near the international port. Martin, a noble from Northern Europe, visiting the country requested you for the night. Martin liked you and told you that he wanted to buy your freedom, however, you felt that you were not suited for each other and refused…

– 01. Sakura no Kisetsu ni Deai
– 02. Fuurin no Naru Madogiwa de
– 03. Mushi no Koe to Akai Yuuyake
– 04. Kamakura de Kotatsu ni Hairi


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