[R18 Doujin CD] October 2020 Releases

This list includes 18+ doujin cd releases & my personal picks for October 2020 from DLsite! I’ll continue updating it throughout the month so make sure to check it often ♡

Not all doujin releases may be listed in this post. For all audio drama works available, please check out the links below:

 💞 R18 OTOME

Sacrifice Halloween Disc 1 & 2 Set [Bonuses Included] (CV. Cooky-tan)

Circle: Okashi no Kuni

Synopsis: You are chosen as a sacrifice to the demons, and get violated by them nightly. As your days of having semen fill your insides continue, you find yourself wanting more…

Sacrifice Halloween Disc 1 (CV. Cooky-tan)

Circle: Okashi no Kuni

Synopsis: You are chosen as a sacrifice to the demons, and get violated by them nightly. As your days of having semen fill your insides continue, you find yourself wanting more…

Sacrifice Halloween Disc 2 (CV. Cooky-tan)

Circle: Okashi no Kuni

Synopsis: You are chosen as a sacrifice to the demons, and get violated by them nightly. As your days of having semen fill your insides continue, you find yourself wanting more…

Apparition ~Tsukumogami / You Must Never Reveal Your Name~ (CV. Hirame Ichijou)

Circle: Destruction

Synopsis: Your grandmother recently passed away, leaving you a large mansion in the mountains. And there awaited Yoshitada, a sword given magical life.

Black Shadows (CV. ysd.)

Circle: catalyst

Synopsis: When you were lost, he saved you. His name: Kei Karasuba. A pure love x tentacle play store with a traditional Japanese theme.

Lovey Incubus’ Recording (CV. Dynamo Murata)

Circle: BlackLily

Synopsis: A behind the scenes look at the recording of “Lovey Incubus’ Pleasure Lesson”. It’s as though Dynamo Murata is recording right in front of you!?

Your Wolfy Colleague’s Beasty Lust

Circle: white mist

Synopsis: “Your body is getting nice and wet from me…is this “marking”…?”

Trained by Your Yandere Stepbrother

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You have three wonderful new stepbrothers! And then you confess your feelings to another guy… and they’re NOT happy.

Secret Interrogation ~Intensely Explored Deep Inside~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You get subjected to a sexy interrogation for a crime you didn’t commit!?

Yandere ~Beloved Boyfriend’s Obsessive Habits~ (CV. Kei Katakura, ItameshiPilaf, Kiwa Mayuzumi, 工藤怜士, ImpressaJirou)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: All these boys are 100% CRAZY about you… you’re not sure if it’s morning or night, but your training never stops!

LOVE GAME ~Hot Guys Share a Girl~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’re an ordinary, serious student — but one day the hottest guys in school invite you to a party. When you wake up after passing out drunk, well…

New Employee Loved at the Office

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: All your friends have already found jobs after college, but you weren’t so lucky… until you found a listing for the “employee welfare” division of a large company.

Passionate Twins ~Heart-Pounding Life Together~ (CV. Tetsuto Furukawa, Triple-B, Ren Nakae)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: Life together with two brothers who love you is pretty wild! And that’s without considering Saitou, the guy next door who also seems interested…

Intense Under-Desk Sex with Your Gloomy Boss (CV. Akira Miraku)

Circle: A-chromatic color

Synopsis: Close-quarters love under your desk at work…

Crossdressing Idol ~Forced XXX Backstage~ (CV. Isuke Natsumura, Makoto Kannadzuki, NamikazeTateru, Triple-B, Tetsuto Furukawa)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’ve got to be an idol instead of your twin brother! But when the other members find out you’re a woman, they make you their toy…

Sadistic Boyfriend Makes Me Cum Over and Over with Dirty Whispers and Deep Penetration (CV. Mitsuru Nagasao)

Circle: KZentertainment

Synopsis: You haven’t had a boyfriend for 6 years, but one day, your handsome young colleague confesses to you. What more, he’s quite sadistic, forceful, and amazing in bed…

Secret Locker Lewdness After School

Circle: UNusual

Synopsis: I’m alone in the classroom after school with my boyfriend. We only intend to hug, but things start to escalate…then we hear footsteps! We quickly hide in a locker together, and that’s where the sexual intensity really ramps up…

Elite Ninja Brothers’ Shinobi Training (CV. Tetsuto Furukawa, DokkoiSho-ichi, Makoto Kannadzuki)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You grew up in the care of elite ninja brothers, and it’s time you became a ninja just like them! But kunoichi need special physical training…

Sweet & Intense Whispering Sex ~At the Business Hotel After Job Training~ (CV. Miroku)

Circle: AreaS

Synopsis: You finally find some time for some after-work loving with your boyfriend in this intense whispering sex voice drama.

Barley Tea(sing) with Your Strong First Love

Circle: Chakaraku-dou

Synopsis: Get hot and sweaty with your lover in this collaboration with Kashiwaten from circle Bella!

Affair forbidden love

Circle: Persona

Synopsis: A man has come to visit you at home. He’s married, he’s got kids, but he’s also your boss!

A Pure Angel Corrupted By a Foul Demon (CV. Takezou Koike)

Circle: Forbidden Fruit

Synopsis: You’re a pure angel that’s been captured by a demon. “We may be spiritual beings, but why do you think we too have genitalia? Perhaps God is testing you…” “No, the Lord’s guidance will bring us answers from within” “Hmm, it seems your only talent is struggling. How cute” “This attempt at seduction is pointless. My faith is ab—huh? Cute? I’m cute?” “Oh yes, very cute. The way you struggle and resist is so cute.”

Revenge Rape! The Vengeful Banker Takes His Due (CV. Buttered_Inu)

Circle: KZentertainment

Synopsis: You’re an employee at a large bank, but not for long. Soon you’re quitting to get married to a high-powered businessman. All your coworkers gave you their blessing, except one man who had a dirty look in his eye. You get a dinner invitation from him later, though, and decide to go thinking that he wanted to show his more personal approval. But it was a trap…

MIDNIGHT AFFAIR ~Secret Tryst After Dark~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: When night falls, men become wolves…

Gangrape Ritual ~The Fated Shrine Maiden~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You are chosen as a sacrifice to the demons, and get violated by them nightly. As your days of having semen fill your insides continue, you find yourself wanting more…

The One Who Feels Best ~100% Physically Compatible~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’re an employee at a government bureau for the promotion of marriage, and have stumbled on a secret program designed to match women with physically compatible men. What’s more, you’re going to be the first test subject…!

Someone is Under the Bed.2 (CV. Shuuin Kuka)


Synopsis: Unable to change jobs, and getting recently dumped by your boyfriend, you once again find your crying in bed. Exhausted from the emotion, you fall asleep. However, under the bed lurks a certain male friend of yours…

A Doll For Amusement ~Disciplined in Pleasure~ (CV. Nameru Katakuri, Some Onii, Kiwa Mayuzumi)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You get sold as a pleasure doll. Before you are purchased, a specialized trainer uses various methods to sexually train you.

Prison Secret ~Punished By Three Guards for a Crime You Didn’t Commit~ (CV. Toori Kazami, Tetsuto Furukawa, Takashi Sakuramoto)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’re thrown in the slammer for a crime you didn’t commit, and three sadistic guards have their way with you. Your anal virginity is taken away, their large penises penetrate deep inside you, and deep down in your heart, you start to desire this punishment…

Sexual Corruption Audio ~Ravenous Kouhai’s Teasing Penetration~ (CV. Ryoichi Katagiri)

Circle: Pair Leaf Workshop

Synopsis: Just teasing breaths… A good hour and a half of.

Master and Servant ~The Case of Louis~

Circle: Maiden Berry

Synopsis: A story about young Louis cumming for the first time, and older Louis losing his virginity.

Delivery Boyfriend ~Dripping Wet Housecall~ (CV. Triple-B, Tetsuto Furukawa, DokkoiSho-ichi, NamikazeTateru, Makoto Kannadzuki)

Circle:  OtomeDrama

Synopsis: Order your boyfriends by mail, and you can get a new and interesting guy whenever you want — right to your door!

Ojisan is Addicted (CV. Pegasus Umanami)

Circle: StrawberryChouchou

Synopsis: To make sure your favorite host stayed on top, you took out loans, sold your body, whatever it took.
But when he disappeared, you were left with nothing but despair.
That is, until one day when an older guy came into your life. He’s around forty, has a great, cheap place for you to live together, and… is a sex addict.

My Sweet Heroes (CV. Ryoichi Katagiri)


Synopsis: Your childhood friend Shougo has an overwhelming sense of justice, and has vowed to keep you safe. His vow gets put to the test when you’re captured by a villain with the power to control peoples’ movements! Can he and his transforming sidekick Paul rescue you from danger?

Harem Ecchi with Two Opposite Brothers (CV. Munaita-Teppan-MEAT, Uenosuke Kiryuu)

Circle: IAMOK2

Synopsis: You’re just a regular girl who’s been going out with a guy named Rengo for about a year. He supports you by cooking for you, managing your health and body, and even paying your bills. Of course he also loves recorded sex, and taking embarrassing photos and videos of you. One day, you invites you over to his place, and you get introduced to his brother. “I’ve always loved you.” You could swear it is the first time you’ve met this wheelchair-bound man, but he seems to know you well…

Japanese Sake Personification (CV. Saruhiko Yanai, Toori Kazami, Tetsuto Furukawa, Kojiroh, Yukimitsu Koshi)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’re the successor to a sake brewery, and you’re trying to become the best in Japan…but the sake guys are too busy trying to lust after you every day. Something sexy is brewing…

A Young Lady Who Doesn’t Know Love Falls For Her Gentlemanly Butler (CV: Wataru Mitsuhashi)

Circle: Lime unjour

Synopsis: Leave everything to him~ It turns out there’s more than meets the eye with this kind and perfect butler.

Guilty Sinner

Circle: Dreamin’&Dreamy

Synopsis: In preparation for your reincarnation, angel Liam sends you to Earth to see how well you fare against the temptations of the 7 sins. How will you fare?

MoteDrink ~ Passionate Studs, Plain Girl’s Dripping Body

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’ve always had a crush on your tutor, so you try a special drink that can make anyone hot. Now ALL the guys are after you…

100% Compatible! The Rich Man’s Proposal (CV. Kazuya Irodori)

Circle: melopure

Synopsis: The young son of the owner of the company that runs the hotel where you work is having a party to decide his new wife. You’re just working the event, but he chooses… you? Not only did he suddenly choose you to be his bride, but when you’re alone together, he pushes you down and has his way with your body!

My Big-dick Brother Stole Me From My Father

Circle: Black Prince with Rose

Synopsis: I had a sexual relation with my father, but then my brother cucked me…

Bad Men ~*** with Dangerous Guys~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: Crooked cops, immoral doctors, evil fortune tellers, even illicit financiers…feel the never-ending pleasure of being assaulted by bad men of all walks. You should want to escape, and yet your body is telling you different…

Binaural Boyfriend! Buff Sadist’s Verbal Abuse

Circle: Voice Binaural Boyfriend! Buff Sadist’s Verbal Abuse Yorumaga!-ASMR Night Life Media-

Synopsis: The popular Sound of Sex series features hyper-real binaural audio. This time, your binaural boyfriend is muscular guy with a big dick…

Enchanting Accented Ecchi Completion Edition (CV. Kumota Matsudaira, Gouto Sashinaga, Zukemaguro, Ryo Momoido)

Circle: DragonPeach

Synopsis: A pack containing four works in the Enchanting Accented Ecchi series! Sweet stories involving Fukui, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Sendai dialects!

Hot Cohabitation with the Beastly 6! (CV. Tetsuto Furukawa, Saruhiko Yanai, Ren Nakae, Makoto Kannaduki, NamikazeTateru, Triple-B)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: Left without family, you come into the care of 6 distant relatives. They’re all really kind to you at first, but…

A Kind Saint Captured and Corrupted By a Shota Demon (CV. Kouki Jinguu)

Circle: Fallen Maiden Inferno

Synopsis: A kind holy woman is loved by an evil man, and tainted into darkness. When you were little, did you have have dreams like that? This is the story of a saint’s corruption.

Workplace Romance ~Bullied By the Chemistry Teacher~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’re a school teacher, and you’re going out with the chemistry teacher at your school. However, he’s a total sadist, and loves to tease you in the prep room after school with embarrassing play!

Workplace Romance ~Sought After By the PE Teacher~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’re a school teacher, and you’re going out with the PE teacher at your school. However, his lust is endless…! In the PE storage room, at the park…he wants to do embarrassing play with you everywhere!

Clit-Licking Salon ~The Dog-like Licker~ (CV. KoitsuDareya)

Circle: Under Rain

Synopsis: A beastly guy gives his prey (you!) a good licking before ‘devouring’ you…

Shameful Promise ~Disgraceful Deal Laid Bare~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: In order to bear a shrine maiden heir with even more spiritual power, you are drowned in ecstatic pleasures every night…

The Beast’s Prey ~He Desires Your Body~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: Left without family, you come into the care of 6 distant relatives. They’re all really kind to you at first, but…

1,001 Nights of Lust (CV. Kojiroh, Ren Nakae, Tetsuto Furukawa)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: The king has suddenly died and it turns out that you were one of his illegitimate children. You are summoned to the palace by 4 princes who know that getting you pregnant with a true blood heir to the throne will put them in power. They’re going to satisfy themselves with you every day… and until the new king is conceived, the long nights won’t end.

Noir – In the Darkness – (CV. Kanade Ochi)

Circle: Destruction

Synopsis: Consumed in the darkness, amongst lewd sloshy sounds, heated breaths, and his alluring voice. Will your one night with this mysterious man form into love, or…

Revenge XXX ~The Men’s Sexual Vengeance~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: The boy you used to bully comes back to settle the score, and now he’s got friends…

Working Boyfriend – Pianist

Circle: redsheep pavilion

Synopsis: The third release in the “Working Boyfriend” series, about meeting and falling in love with men that work in your neighborhood. This time, you give up your body in order to score an interview with a brilliant but difficult pianist.

Welcome Home Boyfriend ~Healing Time with your Beloved Boyfriend~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: He greets you at the door saying “Okaeri” (Welcome Home) He loves you greatly. Your boyfriend is a man who knows how to please. He will provide you with an abundance of love… and pleasure.

Welcome to the world of confinement

Circle: Persona

Synopsis: You wake up with both hands bound, and something attached to you mouth, rendering you unable to speak. In front of you, a man. Where is this? And who is he?

Evil and Innocence ~Mating with a Rival Gangster from Kansai~ (CV. Ichirou Nagi)

Circle: Sacrifice

Synopsis: No happy endings here — after you’re accused of killing your father, only one man can save you. Your meeting was destiny. (CV: Ichirou Nagi)

Yakuza Manor ~Inescapable Sex~

Circle: ofutonhamster

Synopsis: After a yakuza saves you from some dangerous punks, he confines you, and uses your body daily to its very limit under the guise of “receiving your thanks”.

My First Toy ~Pink Bible V~ (CV. Kiwa Mayuzumi & Monja Tabunoki)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: My toys turned into hot guys…?

Two Bewitched by the Flowers ~Fil~

Circle: Water Castle

Synopsis: A secret incident at the royal palace…

Matchless flower – Plunder boyfriend (CV. Wataru Mitsuhashi & ysd)


Synopsis: You were living a happy and lovey life with your cameraman boyfriend Kouki until one day, your father passes away, leaving an immeasurable debt on your shoulders. Kouki suggests you come live in his share-house. When you go to take a look, you meet the owner, Mr. Etou, who says you can live there rent-free. From there, the fates of all 3 of you would take a turn…

Cherished Pets Go Into Heat ~Your Rabbit & Hamster Boyfriends~ (CV. DokkoiSho-ichi & Toori Kazami)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: The former rabbit always wants to have sex, all day, all year, while the former hamster recognizes his mating period has come, and he might not be as kind as usual tonight… In this audio work, your beloved pets turn into hot guys, and have their way with you! Do you prefer the lonely, spoiled, and lusty rabbit, or the big, warm, and kind hamster who goes a little mad during mating season?

[Binaural] -VR- Sibling Secret (CV. Evangelist)

Circle: Evangelist ASMR

Synopsis: You’ve reached the age where you’re starting to become interested in men, and their bodies. When you end up catching a glance at your little brother’s now adult body, your heart races, especially when you see what he’s packing down below… You can’t help but tease him a little. You know the two of you are siblings, and that you shouldn’t, but your affection and curiosity get the better of you.

Lovers Clinic 4 – Doctor Moody Negative Nero Takarai (CV. Yuu Ninomiya)

Circle: Frizzclip

Synopsis: For those nights when you just want to hear a soothing, kind voice…I’m your doctor….hard to believe, huh? Get a love lesson from Doctor Moody Negative, Nero Takarai.

Werewolf ~Lewd Looping Game~ (CV. Izuru Mutsu, Kiwa Mayuzumi, Kei Katakura, Makoto Kaburagi, Inusuke Mori)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: You’ve been caught up in a game held in a certain village filled with aggressive boys!

Secret Account DIscovery ~Trained Into Hypersensitivity~ (CV. Hajime Inaba)

Circle: melopure

Synopsis: You don’t have a boyfriend, but you like to explore your sexual side by uploading sexy pictures onto a secret SNS account. Then one day, a handsome guy starts DMing you. “Please teach me about sex…” you ask him. And he’s more than happy to oblige!

Village of Discgrace ~Repeated Lewd Training~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: An accident leaves you stranded in a village that’s not on any map, with no way to contact the outside world. And in this village, they honor the Dragon God with tribute…

The Square Key (CV. Wataru Mitsuhashi)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: At school, there are rumors of a CD of obscene lewdness. The student council president asks you, the disciplinary committee head, whether you’ll be confiscating it and confirming the contents. After listening, you go to report your findings in the student council room, unaware that a situation not unlike the contents of the CD awaited you…

Sadistic Series Pack 1

Circle: fleeting dream

Synopsis: A Sadistic series pack to get new listeners up to speed!

Sadistic Berating Boyfriend ~Verbal Abuse with Love~

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: Receive lots from verbal assaults filled with love from your sadistic boyfriend. Enjoy your preferred type of sadistic guy!

ASMR Strict Office Worker

Circle: Situation voice channel

Synopsis: An 18+ audio work for girls!

The Night an Ex-Yakuza Fucked Me Outside (CV. Miroku)

Circle: white rabbit

Synopsis: Tired from a long day at work, you pass through a lonely backstreet and are accosted by a street tough. They push you down, ready to rape you without mercy, when suddenly an ex-yakuza rescues you. His name is Yasuda, and although you’re a bit wary about men, your relationship deepens. It’s all a blur, but the two of you spend a nice evening together. But when you ask him the truth, he pins you down in an explosion of lust.

Binaural Nankin Sweet Room

Circle: Hope Seas

Synopsis: “Ah-ah-ah, don’t do that… after all, you’re stuck in here and have to do whatever I say.”

[KU100] Nights of Sexual Training [Dominant Woman]

Circle: Violet Bone

Synopsis: A story that takes place before the wedding of a guy who wants to be used and ordered around, and his dominant girlfriend.

Sex-Changed Man ~Cumming With a Woman’s Body~ (CV. Umao Kaneda, NamikazeTateru, Toori Kazami, Saruhiko Yanai, Triple B)

Circle: OtomeDrama

Synopsis: A manly man with feminine features takes a sex change drug and learns about the pleasure of being a woman…

My Composed Boyfriend Was Like a Girl When I Licked His Ears

Sex-Changed Man ~Cumming With a Woman’s Body~ (CV. kirinyan)

Circle: kirinyan

Synopsis: A situational voice work from popular Youtuber Kirinyan!

Maternal Explosion! Nursing Handjob and Lap Pillow for my Boyfriend (CV. kirinyan)

Circle: kirinyan

Synopsis: A situational voice work from popular Youtuber Kirinyan!

#2 Don’t Underestimate 40-something guys. Get in bed.

Circle: asmr for ladies by Hiiiiiii

Synopsis: A man in his late 40s takes you to a world of pleasure with his gentle voice.

Love Hotel “Sex” (CV. Abismo Guerrero & Takanori Sutou)

Circle: Ninomae Honpo

Synopsis: Some special time to get away from the daily grind.


Encouragement of Male Fertility

Circle: Cyan

I, Souta Saki, am infertile. I’ve been troubled by my inability to have a child with my wife, and that worry drew my eye to a male Infertility clinic. I decided to make an appointment, unaware of what awaited me…

Stalker Boy BL Voice Drama “And Then, You’ll Be Mine” – Day 2

Circle: bisyounennkurabu

A boy with an intense love for an older postman decides to pleasure brainwash him. Day 2.

LIPonLIP vol.3 Stuff and Evil Tops x Downer Bottom ~After Story~

Circle: Endless Knot

The after story of the BL voice drama “LIPonLIP vol.3”

Drip! Femcorrupted Doctor ~Hot-Blooded PE Guidance~ (CV. NikaisenAtaru, UmanamiPegasus, Minoru Momojiri, Moutamaran)

Circle: KZentertainment

The school doctor has been taking care of the boys’ needs. But when the PE teacher finds out…

Femcorrupted Doctor ~Sex Work at a Boys’ Academy~ (Voice Drama Ver.) (CV. NikaisenAtaru, UmanamiPegasus, HayasugiYarou, Minoru Momojiri, Moutamaran)

Circle: KZentertainment

Today, like always, the students at this all-male academy want the school doctor’s body…

Your Neighbor is Cumming In [Voice Drama Version) (CV. Sourou Itashima, UmanamiPegasus, HayasugiYarou)

Circle: KZentertainment

A guy who enters the apartment of the friendly man next door gets hypnotized, and sexually fondled until his mind starts to break down from the shameful pleasure..

Perhaps We’re In Love: Side Story ~Tanaka~

Circle: Conpeito-Records

Synopsis: Tanaka makes a mistake at work and gets transferred far away — there he meets Sonoya, who starts to get close to him…

MOMO2~I was born from a peach and hold a bad demon!~

Circle: David

Synopsis: The story of Momo, a man born in a peach in a world of only old people, who goes on a journey to learn about sex. In addition to his dog, monkey, and bird friends, he is joined by a demon…

Sweet Love, Sweet Sex (CV. Daisuke Shindou)

Circle: Carbohydrate

Synopsis: Sweet, loving sex! It’s their first day off in a while, and they’re going to enjoy it! The bottom wants to soothe his top in his own lovely way.

Our 15 Secrets Together (CV. bisyounennkurabu)

Circle: bisyounennkurabu

Synopsis: A short voice drama featuring some teasing from a boy.

Sweet Love, Sweet Sex (CV. Daisuke Shindou)

Circle: Carbohydrate

Synopsis: Sweet, loving sex! It’s their first day off in a while, and they’re going to enjoy it! The bottom wants to soothe his top in his own lovely way.

BL-ish Fap Support Voice Set + Drama (CV. bisyounennkurabu)

Circle: bisyounennkurabu

Synopsis: A voice set and drama featuring a younger guy helping an older guy get off…

CROSS DRESSING -Maid Clothes- [Comic + Voice Drama Set] (CV. Buttered_Inu, Mitsuru Nagasao, KitouTsutsumu, IkuIkuIkkun, AKITO, Noina Akizuki)

Circle: KZentertainment

Synopsis: Haruki tries to forget about the crossdressing events that transpired before, but a class event leads to him donning women’s clothes again. He tries not to let it get it him, but…

CROSS DRESSING -Cheer Girl- [Comic + Voice Drama Set] (CV. Buttered_Inu, KitouTsutsumu, Riki Kidou, IkuIkuIkkun)

Circle: KZentertainment

Synopsis: Basketball ball club captain Haruki took responsibility for his teammate’s foul actions by wearing a cheerleading outfit. He thought it would end there, but it was only the beginning of his gangbang adventure at the hands of various club members…

LIP on LIP vol.3 Stuff and Evil Tops x Downer Bottom (CV. Katsuwo, Masao Daidabashi, Asuta Utsugi)

Circle: Endless Knot

Synopsis: Ataru Shizuki works as a rental boyfriend and has a complicated family history. His parents were killed in a car accident, and he was taken in by his uncle. What’s more, he had been intimate with his cousin, and his inheritance was cause for even more trouble… So when two men show up at his work one day looking for him, it’s more of the same drama…

Shadowy Love ~The Truth in the Screen~

Circle: mellow BLue

Synopsis: “Just be quiet and do everything I say…” BL awaits you.

Ookamisama: Attraction [Comic + Voice Drama Set] (CV. AKITO, Mitsuru Nagasao, KitouTsutsumu, Riki Kidou)

Circle: Endless Knot

Synopsis: The continuation of “Ookamisama: Fall”. A man designated as the village “deity” is intensely assaulted by travelers, then “purified” by the villagers.

Love Rules ~Secrets After School~ Last lesson: WINTER (CV. Jun Fukuda & Kouto Shimamura)

Circle: M&S Label

Synopsis: Former siblings, student and teacher — and in spite of these two obstacles, the school infirmary becomes their personal paradise…

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