[R18 Drama CD] Birdcage -relief-

The next volume of HOBiGIRLS neige’s birdcage series is finally here! This will be the third and final volume. We’ve finally reached the end, huh? Since Aroldo is Lauro’s father, then that would make him Luca’s grandpa!!! Who was your favorite from the 3?

You can also purchase the digital version of Birdcage -relief- on DLsite.

birdcage -relief-

CV: Rinta Hayakawa
Release Date: October 30, 2020
Label: HOBiGIRLS neige
Type: 18+ Situation CD


There is a certain town controlled by two mafia families.

After his father died, Aroldo took over the position of Don of the Cerci Famiglia. He raided one of his long-time rival’s hideouts and found the heroine who was being held captive there. She had been drugged against her will and suffered from memory loss. With the exception of her own name, she couldn’t remember where she was from or how she was captured. Aroldo rescued the heroine and allowed her to live with him–


Aroldo Cerci (CV. Rinta Hayakawa)

The third-generation Don of the Cerci Famiglia. 27 years prior, he lost both of his parents when his father was betrayed by his right hand man. As a result, he became the boss at an early age.


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