[R18 Drama CD] Ichiban Chikaku ni Atta Koi no Wana

GOLD has announced a new CD called Ichiban Chikaku ni Atta Koi no Wana!

Ichiban Chikaku ni Atta Koi no Wana

Title: 一番近くにあった恋の罠
CV: Kakeru Yunomachi
Release Date: October 23, 2020 → November 06, 2020
Label: GOLD
Type: 18+ Situation CD


You attended your friend’s wedding with your childhood friend Minato. Still in a happy mood, the two of you decided to continue celebrating.

“I want to get married soon.”

The relationship you had until now would change after muttering those words unintentionally.

“Let’s stop being childhood friends.”

Minato made his move, so that you knew what he meant…


Minato Nakamori (CV. Kakeru Yunomachi)

Your blackhearted, scheming childhood friend who’s the type to be infatuated.

  1. Shiawase wa Keikakuteki ni
  2. Usotsuki no Tsumugu Ito
  3. Kibou wo Amu
  4. Ichinichime no Shippai
  5. Futsukame no Ayamachi
  6. Mitskame no Shinsan
  7. Kumo wa Su wo Tsukuru dake de ii
Voice Sample


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