[R18 Drama CD] Suki to Tsutaete mo ii desu ka?

GOLD has announced a new cd called Suki to Tsutaete mo ii desu ka?

Suki to Tsutaete mo ii desu ka?

Title: 好きと伝えてもいいですか?
CV: Manaka Sawa
Release Date: October 23, 2020 → November 06, 2020
Label: GOLD
Type: 18+ Situation CD


Chisato Arihara is a simple young man who wears glasses with a reputation for being kind and a good person at work. On your way back home after a company drinking party, you realize that you share the same hobbies, and you gradually get closer with him. However, it seems like you’re the only one that’s interested in something more, so you begin to distance yourself from him. At the same time, your parents contact you to introduce you to a good man……!


Chisato Arihara (CV. Manaka Sawa)

  1. Omoigakenai Kaerimichi
  2. Yasashikute Yoi Hito
  3. Okubyou na Futari
  4. Mukaikaze to Oikaze
  5. Yasahisa dake janai
  6. Suki to Tsutaetai
  7. Kore Kara no Koto


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