[R18 Drama CD] Tsujisaki Gakuen Seitokai no Himitsu Balance of Myosotis secret. 01 Suguru Renjou & Eiji Sagami

This is a story of an ephemeral, strange dream shared between 3 people that shouldn’t be…

milky chain has announced the first volume of their Tsujisaki Gakuen Seitokai no Himitsu Balance series!


In your dream, you’re in a house that you don’t recognize with two men and have lost the memories of “your beloved” because of the power of a mysterious box.

If you choose one of them, you can “restore” everything. However, in exchange for your lost memories, you obtain the power to listen to the “voice a person’s heart” and you can also “forgot everything as if nothing happened.”

Even if they knew that it was just another strange dream, that condition made their hearts sway….

The part of the dream and the reality after are divided into 2 CDs.

It is a story that will touch the depths of their hearts once more.

Is forgetting everything completely for the best, a sin, or…?

character profile

Suguru Renjou (CV: Cider Yotsuya)

Eiji Sagami (CV: Homare Kashiwagi)


Coming Soon



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