[Otoge] Blackstar Theater Starless 1st Album voting results announced!

The 1st Album voting results have been released. Who was chosen for 1st place in each position……!?

1st Place

Position No. 1: Rindou (2,216,170 pt)
Position No. 2: Ginsei (2,581,414 pt)
Position No. 3: Akira (3,395,678 pt)
Position No. 4: Sin (2,614,018 pt)
Position No. 5: Gui (2,515,744 pt

2nd Place

Position No. 1: Kei (2,165,680 pt)
Position No. 2: Maica (2,406,426 pt)
Position No. 3: Heath (2,798,510 pt)
Position No. 4: Ran (2,312,772 pt)
Position No. 5: Yakou (2,306,612 pt)

3rd Place

Position No. 1: Kokuyou
Position No. 2: Takami
Position No. 3: Zakuro
Position No. 4: Sinju
Position No. 5: Taiga

Congratulations to the 1st place winners!!! 🎉

Due to a delay with shipping, my albums didn’t arrive on time and I was unable to vote. I was a bit upset about that, but I’m glad to see that 99% of my faves made it!!! 🥰 Actually, my top 2 (Rindou & Ginsei) won 1st place for NO. 1 & 2 positions, so that’s already more than enough for me! In addition, 3 out of the 5 that won 1st place are my faves (Rindou, Ginsei & Akira), so I’m beyond happy!

but wait! there’s more… 😂😂😂 5 out of my 6 faves won in either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd places (Rindou, Ginsei, Akira, Kokuyou, & Sinju). I’m just really sorry about Yoshino, but it was already a difficult situation since unfortunately he was in the same group as Sinju 😢

I couldn’t have asked for more though! Thanks to everyone that voted for my faves. I hope I’m able to participate next time 🥰


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