SQ Neo X Lied vol.2 Tsubasa & Ichiru

The promotional video for Arata na COLOR, the duet featuring Tsubasa Okui & Ichiru Kuga in the Neo X Lied Series has been released!

“This time, it’s finally a duet with me and you, right? Ichiru.”

“Seems like it, Tsubusa.”

A duet and drama track presented by a duo that have gone beyond the boundaries of a group. The Neo X Lied series has started!

Vol. 2 features Tsubasa Okui (CV. Soma Saito), a member of SolidS, & Ichiru Kuga (CV. Sho Nogami), a member of QUELL, while Shu Izumi (CV. Shunsuke Takeuchi), the leader of QUELL, will be in charge of composition.

Each volume includes 1 duet song, the off vocal track, and a 15-min drama track. Vol. 2 is set to be released on November 27, 2020.

  1. Drama “He and I are good rivals”
  2. Arata na COLOR
  3. Arata na COLOR (Off Vocal)


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