R18 Doujin CD November 2020 Releases

This list includes 18+ doujin cd releases & my personal picks for November 2020 from DLsite!

I’ll continue updating it throughout the month so make sure to check it often ♡

Not all doujin releases may be listed in this post. For all audio drama works available, please check out the links below:

  💕 R18 OTOME

Ryou ~Whereabouts Of Sin~

This is a story of broken men… (CV: Tsubasa Kuzai & Kazuya Irodori)

Tags: 3P, Creampie, R*pe, Consensual Sex, Oral Cumshot, Forced Oral

Noble Warrior Princess’ Heart is Stolen by an Angel ~Sweet Mind Control~

The story of a noble yet poignant princess’ encounter with an angel… Welcome to the world of holy corruption. (CV: Reiji Takatori)

Tags: Fantasy, Creampie, Outdoor Exposure, Brainwashing

Female Officer’s Indecent Moaning ~Violated By Man After Man~

You’re a police officer, and your undercover investigation on a molester brings you to an orgy club. You have work to do, and yet your most precious places are getting violated…being a police officer is dangerous work…!

Tags: Creampie, Orgy


1,001 Nights of Love

Intense love from the king of the desert! What will become of you!? Presenting a sensual Arabian Nights experience within the confines of a gorgeous palace! (CV: Isuke Natsumura, Sugoroku Michizane, Toori Kazami, Makoto Kannadzuki)

Tags: Creampie, Orgy

The Sadistic Master and The Bullied Maid

The protagonist has just been hired to work as a maid at a mansion. However, it seems both the master and his sons are pervy, sadistic fetishists, and they sexually toy with you daily. (CV: Kojiroh,
Tetsuto Furukawa, Toori Kazami, Saruhiko Yanai, Yukimitsu Koshi)

Tags: Drugs, Creampie, Orgy

Bringing a Pure Shota Into the Dredges of Sexual Pleasure

It’s time to corrupt a good shota! (CV: Wataru Mitsuhashi)

Tags: Shota, Perverted, Immoral, Creampie, Fellatio, Virgin Male

Nice Weather for a Date with You ~Rainy Day Date~

When you’re with the one you love, no matter the weather, it’s always a good time for a date! This time, enjoy a rainy date at home with your kind but devilish younger boyfriend.

Tags: Slice of Life

Corrupted By the Incula

The son of an incubus and Dracula, an incula. When you meet him, your body and soul will be corrupted beyond salvation… (CV: Wataru Mitsuhashi)

Tags: Fantasy, Office, Creampie

Punishment ***

Your body is thoroughly loved by various men under the pretext of “punishment”…

Tags: Toys, Creampie, SM

Trying to Steal Back Your Father with Raw Sex

Your beloved father has a new lover, so you decide to steal him back with raw sex.

Tags: NTR, Creampie, Fellatio, Incest

2 Men Vie for Your Affection

Two guys lust for you, and assault your body at the same time…! Even if they ask you who you like most, the pleasure is too much, and you can’t decide!? Enjoy lots of loving from these 2 handsome men.

Tags: Oniisan, Otouto, Workplace, 3P

Teacher ~Secret Relation~

A sexual relationship with your school teacher. With the health teacher, math teacher, music teacher, the janitor…in the classroom, gym, staff room…

Tags:Teacher, School

The Demon Lord’s Bride ~Corrupted Instantly(?) By a Superior Seed~

Bella’s 7th work is about becoming the demon lord’s bride!

Tags: Big Cock, Humilation, Dirty talk

Sadist Vampire Revenge Rape on the Descendants of Evil spirit exorcist

A sadistic vampire awakens after hundreds of years, and sets his sights on revenge against the bloodline that hunted him — your bloodline. (CV. Mitsuki Yoruno)

Tags: SM, Humiliation, Coercion, R*pe

Secret Play With Toys

Vibrators, rotors, lotion… they all bring something new to the bedroom!

Tags: Creampie, SM, Bondage, Orgy, Drugs

A room that you can’t get out without ~~

You awaken to find yourself trapped in a room with a man, and it seems you won’t be able to escape unless you… (CV. Nagashima)

Tags: Yandere, Immoral, Mystery, Captivity, Madness

Alone with Him After School ~Secret Give and Take with a Sly Student Council President~

The first student I met at this school kissed me! Just where are things going with him? (CV. Ryoichi Katagiri)

Tags: Teacher, School, Creampie, Humiliation, Restraint, Coercion

New Homeroom Teacher’s Melty Servicing Diary

You’re a new teacher, and you’ve decided to try and rehabilitate 5 problem students….but end up getting turned into their sexual toy. (CV. Triple-B, Tetsuto Furukawa, DokkoiSho-ichi, NamikazeTateru, Kojiroh)

Tags: Toys, School, Creampie, Orgy


A sweet time being trained as a sex slave with a carrot and stick approach.

Tags: Sexual Training, Anal, Slave, Prince, Outdoor

My Childhood Friend Never Forgot Me, So I Trained His Ass

You’re meeting with your childhood friend for the first time in a long time, and he’s just as obedient as always. Talking about the past takes you back to all the fun you had together… (CV. Buttered_Inu)

Tags: Pervert, Childhood Friend

Boss’s Training ~Short Concentration Project / How to Become Lewd in a Week~

Your bosses set up a special project to help you with your cowardly, reserved personality, but it ends up involving being sexual training at their hands…

Tags: Tags: Egocentric, Workplace, Outdoor, Creampie, SM, Sexual Training, Restraint, Orgy

Escape Instructions ~No Way Out Unless You ****~

In order to escape, you have to do everything you’re told!? These ravenous, lusty men are too intense…! (CV. Kei Katakura, Monja Tabunoki, Inusuke Mori)

Tags: Creampie, Toys, Bondage, Orgy

Lewd Service With Two Distinguished Young Men

Working for two selfish, malicious rich guys means doing everything you can to serve… EVERYTHING… (CV. Tetsuto Furukawa & Toori Kazami)

Tags: Toys, Creampie, Bonday, 3P

Inexperienced Love Lesson ~Trained by Your Beloved Boyfriend~

Your boyfriend teaches you all sorts of stuff to make your body sexier…

Tags: First Experience, Creampie

One night

Spend a night with a man… who’s not your partner! (CV. Kanade Ochi)

Tags: ASMR, Immoral, Netori, Creampie, Humiliation

Together Forever – Marked by Your Younger Brother

You’ve finally moved out and are living alone, but there’s something strange about your brother… (CV. KuroiTapioca)

Tags: Younger Brother, Masturbation, Incest

Demons and Their Sacrifice ~The Hall of Pleasure and Desire~

You won’t be leaving until you have a demon’s child… (CV. Makoto Kaburagi, Kei Katakura, Monja Tabunoki)

Tags: Yandere, Toys, 4P, Creampie, SM

Bedding Express ~Dripping Wet Plan~

You go for a trip by yourself on the “Bedding Express”, and choose the “Pleasant Plan” room. Soon, one after the other, handsome men start coming to your room…did you accidently choose the “Pleasure Plan”!?

#Creampie #SM #Toys #Orgy

This Guys a Cop! ~Koji Sugisaki’s Warped Brainwashing Program~

Confinement, verbal humiliation, clitoral teasing, bath play…Koji’s warped affection awaits.

#Yandere #Creampie #SexualTraining #Humiliation #VerbalHumuliation #Restraint

The Delivery Man’s Big Package

A yandere delivery man falls for you at first sight, and won’t take no for an answer. He uses your body as he sees fight, and has sex with you until he’s satisfied. Receive Makoto’s big package full of love and semen.

#Yandere #Creampie #VerbalHumiliation #R*pe #Blowjob

Rope Master’s Sex Leads to Hot Bondage Orgasms

You met a rope master You while doing research for a weekly magazine article. You’re impressed by his rope skills during his demonstration, and the next time you meet him, he shows them off on you… (CV. Ryoichi Katagiri)

#Humiliation #Restraint #Slave

I’m Pleasure-Corrupted By a Sexual Lady

Souta is having an injury attended to by a strange woman, and she ends up noticing his erection. From there, he is drowned in an ocean of pleasure… (CV. Masao Daidabashi)

#School #AgeDisparity #SubmissiveMan #Anal #Virgin

Omegaverse ~Fated Pair~

In a world of alphas, betas, and omega, omegas are lowest in status, and used for breeding purposes. Born as an omega, you did you best to hide your nature. But one day, you forgot to take your pheromone suppression drugs before going to school…

#Omegaverse #Creampie #SM #Orgy


Slightly Strange School Life With a Maniac Kohai That Loves Bodily Fluids

Live a slightly strange school life together with your junior, who is overly obsessed with your sweat, and other delicious fluids. (CV. Tsubasa Kuzai)

#Pervert #Junior #School #Urination

The Vampire’s Bride ~Stolen Purity~

To pay off some debts, you’ve been sold to the residents of a certain mansion… and it turns out they’re vampire nobility! (CV. Tetsuto Furukawa, DokkoiSho-ichi, Makoto Kannadzuki, Isuke Natsumura)

#Yandere #OlderBrother #YoungerBrother #Creampie #SM #Bondage #Orgy

Beware of a Full Moon Halloween

Until now, it’s as though you’ve been cursed, and doomed to be forever virgin. But then you meet a beautiful boy on a full-mooned Halloween night… (CV. Kanade Ochi)

#R*pe #Virgin

Passionate Night with Princes ~Siblings Lusting for You~

4 famous, princely brothers are the inheritors of a massive corporation. I thought they were a pipe dream, beings living in another world, but I’m suddenly selected to get engaged to one of them!? My body can’t handle all the hot loving I’m getting! (CV. Tetsuto Furukawa, Toori Kazami, Umao Kaneda, Makoto Kannadzuki)

Tags: Creampie, Bondage, Orgy

[Binaural] -VR- Dating App R

For r*pe-fetishists only. Contains a r*pe situation with violent depictions In a world overflowing with dating apps, something like this may actually happen. And yet…you might find that thrilling? (CV. Evangelist)

Tags: Pervert, Horror, Creampie, R*ape

White and Black Cross Paths ~REVERSI~

A multiple choice audio work. Will you choose black or white?

Tags: ASMR, Ear Licking, Senior

Tsundere Librarian Becomes Your Loyal Puppy [Ear Teasing SEX / Binaural]

Realistic, high-quality binaural ear assault and ear licking audio. A cheeky younger librarian forces himself on you at first, but soon starts living with you, falls in love, and finds himself eating out of your hand. (CV. Ryoichi Katagiri)

#Younger #Cohabitation #Creampie #Coercion

Adoring Pets in Heat ~Dog and Cat Boyfriends~

One day you beloved pets suddenly became hot guys! Life at home just got a lot more interesting… (CV. (Namikaze Tateru & Isuke Natsumura)

#Toys #Personification #Tsundere #Creampie #3P

Licked into a Frenzy

Your boyfriend you met online was just supposed to lick you… but maybe something more is developing. (CV. Kanade Mie)

#Younger #VerbalHumiliation

The Beast in the Hidden Room ~Overflowing Desire~

With a childhood friend, with a boyfriend, with a man you just met…You don’t know when, or who, or if others are near, or if others are watching, but you end up in having sex…! (CV. Makoto Kaburagi, Kei Katakura, Kiwa Mayuzumi, ItameshiPilaf, Inusuke Mori)

#Toys #Creampie #SM #Bondage

Played with toys by a super sadistic boyfriend. Forced stop.

“Try not to break from all the cumming” “All right, I’m gonna cum inside you” (CV. Yoruno Mitsuki)

#ASMR #Toys #Creampie #SM #SM #VerbalHumuliation

Forbidden Family ~In Love with Your Stepfather~

After losing both your parents in an accident, you are taken in by your young uncle and your cousins. Through living together with the three, you start to develop feelings of love… (CV. Kyousuke Azuma, Ren Nakae, DokkoiSho-ichi)

#Orgy #OlderBrother #YoungerBrother #Uncle

An Outrageous Chart

You were sick the day of the company physical, so you had to go somewhere else by yourself. And this other clinic had some pretty unusual exams…

#Creampie #Doctor #Bondage #Orgy

Boy of Darkness ~The Forbidden Fruit~

The forbidden erotic relationship between a virgin boy and a young, beautiful housekeeper.

#Handjob #Masturbation #Restraint #Reverse #VirginMale

Spy ~Deep Cover Infiltration~

You’re an undercover cop who’s infiltrated a criminal organization, but you’ve been discovered and are in some very sexy trouble…

#Creampie #Drugs #SM #Bonday #Orgy

Flirty Boy 02: Shota Husband Wants You to Play Mommy

Your favorite student confessed his feelings to you, and your relationship grew much deeper than simply teacher and pupil… (CV. Tsukasa Kotobuki)

Tags: Creampie, Consensual, Teacher, Student

Cafe and Bar Calme

You try something new at your favorite bar, but it’s a little stronger than you expected… (CV. Ran Kumada)

Tags: Vanilla, Ojii-san


When you’re a newly-debuted idol who will do anything to make it big, some people may not have your best interests in mind… (CV: Netoru Irakusa & Hijiri Seiryou)

Tags: Toys, Creampie, Violation, Spanking, Force Oral, Virgin Heroine

Ad-lib Sex ~Embarrassment in Front of Your Ex~

Enjoy sweet and passionate sex in Kaoru Matsutake’s newest audio work!

#Dirtytalk #Creampie

[Sensual ASMR] Lip Trip

No words are needed to move you. Enjoy a fresh form of ASMR with this fusion of healing music and sexy lip sounds.

#Fetish #Pervert #ASMR #Orgy

Clumsy Garden ~Urushida’s Secret Fetish~

You’ve had a gardener at home ever since you were young. His name is Seiichi Urushida, and he’s a bit awkward around other people. (CV. Reiji Takatori)

#Master #Servant

Illusion – At the Pointed Crossroads of Time –

A bewitching sound. A sound not of this world. That day, you wished for reverse. Just then, your wishes are answered by Lulu. The cost: your everything. (CV. Ryoichi Katagiri)

#Immoral #Horror

Nice Weather for a Date with You ~Sunny Day Date~

When you’re with the one you love, no matter the weather, it’s always a good time for a date! Enjoy a sweet date together with older coworker! (CV.  Tomoya Kanzaki)

#Senior #AgeDisparity 

Erotic Museum Hikari ~Live Sexhibits~

The young curator of an erotic museum takes in a girl in need… (CV. Hikari Nagata)

#Toys #OutdoorExposure

I Have Fallen into a Sexual Development Oil Massage…It wasn’t supposed to be like this…

At first glance, this is an ordinary oil massage shop in a certain place.
They mainly offer aroma oil massage, but an erotic masseur performs an obscene procedure in secret on a female customer who has caught his attention. (CV. Kirinyan)

#EnglishVersion #ASMR #SexualTraining #Healing

Beastly Desires ~True Feelings Laid Bare~

Half-Japanese hunks can’t wait to make your body theirs! (CV. Tetsuto Furukawa, Ren Nakae, Saruhiko Yanai)

#Office #3P #Creampie

[Binaural] My Favorite Streamer is My Kohai, Who’s Now My Boyfriend!

A love story about a streamer, and a fan who falls for him. It turns out your favorite streamer works at your company! Your workplace naughtiness starts to escalate…

Tags: Junior/Senior, Office, Creampie, Consensual

Dream Novel ~How to Get to the Other Side~

What awaits beyond the door of dreams…? (CV. Kei Katakura, 椨もんじゃ, Naoto + Sanctuary, Inusuke Mori)

#Bondage #SM #Creampie

[Binaural] Cuckoo and the Love Sickness

Love is poison. Love is panacea. Love is life. Love is… I born to be your cuckoo… (CV. Evangelist)

#Yandere #Bondage

Hunky 24 Hour Urgent Care ~Thorough Checkup~

What’s going on? This clinic is full of hot guys! (CV. Kiwa Mayuzumi, Kei Katakura, Makoto Kaburagi, FuwaZekka, ImprezaJirou

#Doctor #Creampie #SM

Hidden Happenings in the Marriage-seeking Apartment ~One Room Love~

No money, no boyfriend, no house! Around thirty, and still a virgin…but you get an arranged meeting for a potential husband of your dreams!? (CV. 工藤怜士, Kiwa Mayuzumi, 椨もんじゃ, Makoto Kaburagi, Kiwa Mayuzumi)

#Creampie #Toys #SweetLove

Intense & Horny Sex ~The Guys Who Can’t Hold Back After XX Sexless Days~

The guys, who, for various reasons were unable to masturbate or have sex…when they lay eyes on their girlfriends, and wives, their horny gauge hits the MAX! (CV. Ataru Nikaisen, Rei Hashiba, Yuusei Noki, Wataru Mitsuhashi)

#DirtyTalk #Creampie #Blowjob #Handjob

Popularity Panic! ~Even Though It’s My First Time~

To think handsome men would be lining up to get with me!? (CV. FuwaZekka, ItameshiPilaf, ShikoShou, Naoto Sanctuary)

#Creampie #SM #Orgy

Pleasure Spa ~Doze Off in His Loving Caress~

This is a special spa just for ladies… bondage, squirting, and continuous orgasms await!

Tags: Orgy

Our Mistake

This is the story of you and the married man you had sex with behind your boyfriend’s back just to get a job…

Tags: Older Brother, Younger Brother, Orgy



Innocent Boy Voice Set for BL

A voice set for Oniisan’s featuring an assertive boy begging for a kiss, and ready to take you in the ass.

Tags: Dirty Talk, Hand Job, Humiliation

Twilight Moon -Treat my Wounds Painfully-

Healing S&M.. (CV: Yuuya Haremori & Mitsuhashi)

Tags: Healing, Moe, Fetish, Abnormal

Bang Bang Rookie Papa [Voice Drama Complete Version]

Will Hikaru get a trick or a treat on Halloween Night?

#Creampie #Orgy

Slutty Boy You

Despite making his living by prostitution, You always had a distain and cold haughtiness towards his clients, carrying out his duty while half browsing on his smartphone. That is, until you put in the time to show him the ways of proper gay sex. (CV. Daisuke Shindou)


Honor Student Secret

A pure love story between an honor student and a school flunky. (CV. Yuusei Noki & Mitsuhashi)

#Student #School

Halloween Night

Will Hikaru get a trick or a treat on Halloween Night?

#EnglishVersion #CrossDress #Possessive #Cosplay

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