MLQC Merch USA & Worldwide Group Order No. 64

Hello! I’m hosting a group order for Mr Love Queen’s Choice Official Goods! (MLQC#64)

Please note that there’s a limited quantity and that they’re running out of stock fast, so if you’re interested, please place your order asap to make sure I can secure the goods for you!

💫 Form:
💫 Deadline: Nov 10 (11PM CST)
💫 DM for more info
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shares appreciated! ☺ #lieselGOs

– Acrylic Mirror Keychains
– Geometric Shaped Acrylic Keychains
– Sunset Mist Garden Series Blankets
– Christmas Q Ver. Acrylic Stands & Keychains
– Gingerbread Man Plush Keychain
– Christmas Fairytale Series Posters & Shikishi Illustration Boards
– Chinese New Year Tang Suit Series Acrylic Stands
– Candlelit Wedding Night Posters
– White Day Acrylic Keychains, Can Badges, & Photocards
– Mirrors
– Phone Cases
– Beyond Words Series Photocards & PC Message Boards
– Dessert Series Fridge Magnets, Swizzle Sticks, & Plates
– Echoes of Destiny Series Poster & Square Badge
– Trail of Dawn Series Square Badges, Posters, Phone Holders, & Photocards
– Mini House Acrylic Keychain Stands
– Feast of Descending Moon Acrylic Stands
– Metro Era Postcard Sets
– Impression Notebooks
– Dark Night Series Notebooks
– Notebooks
– Clipboards
– Rubber Straps

Please read the order form for additional details such as pricing, etc.