[R18 Doujin CD] Gokudou Danna III ~Ojou to Ore~

Yorozu-ya has announced the next volume of their Gokudou Danna series!

You can also purchase the digital version of Gokudou Danna III ~Ojou to Ore~ on DLsite.


Gokudou Danna III ~Ojou to Ore~

  • Title: 極道旦那III ~お嬢とオレ~
  • CV: Atsushi Domon
  • Release Date: November 25, 2020
  • Label: Yorozu-ya
  • Type: 18+ Situation CD


The strongest gangster x young lady

A complicated love. The flower bud that I had been watching over had bloomed before I knew it… I believed that I shouldn’t taint you with my desire.


Takeru Shii (CV. Atsushi Domon)



  1. 最強の番犬
  2. 終わりはすぐソコ
  3. 突然のキス
  4. 寝言は寝てからお願いします◆
  5. 〇〇〇は言質のあとで◆
  6. クズなビー玉
  7. 土産とヤキモチと慣れた身体◆
  8. Monochrome

Voice Sample

Official Links

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