[R18 Drama CD] Le Theatre ~encore~

Hanakagami has announced the sequel to Le Theatre!

A total of 4 volumes are scheduled to be released beginning November 2020.

Le Theatre ~encore~

Label: Hanakagami
Type: 18+ Situation CD
Release Dates:

  • November 25, 2020 – Le Theatre ~encore~ Act 1 Kyotaro Honjo (CV. Noboru Tetrapod)
  • TBA – Le Theatre ~encore~ Act 2
  • TBA – Le Theatre ~encore~ Act 3
  • TBA – Le Theatre ~encore~ Act 4

A theater… it’s a place where anything and everything can happen. In this place, everyone puts on a mask to play a role different than their own selves and take the audience into a momentary dream. On this day too, the curtain of the stage will rise.

le theatre ~encore~ is…

Some time has passed since the performance of Ragnarok Theater’s Femme Fatale. Your every day life with him changed as you officially start dating. He started to think about what the stage and theater meant to him…. Thus, you took a step forward into a new stage.


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