[Character Song] Paradox Live Exhibition Show -Akan Yatsura-

Paradox Live Exhibition Show

The Paradox Live Exhibition Show CD from the HIPHOP mixed media project, Paradox Live, is an exhibition show that goes beyond the battle held before the next stage battle. It will be released on November 25, 2020 in 4 extravagant versions!!!

Each version includes 4 songs shared in all versions, drama tracks, and 1 special song recorded for each unit.

Akan Yatsura consists of 5 members: Iori Suiseki aka Katsura (CV. Takayuki Kondo), Zen Gaho aka Gazen (CV. SHIMA), Hokusai Masaki aka Fuurai BOY (CV. Shunichi Toki), Satsuki Ito aka Gaia (CV. Tasuku Hatanaka), & Reo Maruyama aka Reo-kun (CV. Shogo Yano)

  2. Life Is Beautiful/The Cat’s Whiskers
  3. Back Off/cozmez
  4. REBELLION -Akan Yatsura is still Burning-/Akan Yatsura
  5. EMPEROR – WE ON FIRE!! -(feat. Kumi Koda) / Akan Yatsura
  6. Voice Drama“Exhibition”Part1
  7. Voice Drama“Exhibition”Part2
  8. Voice Drama“Exhibition”Part3
  9. Voice Drama“Exhibition”Part4
REBELLION -Akan Yatsura is still Burning- MV


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