[R18 Drama CD] Christmas Lovers 2 Vol. 2 Inokori Christmas Hen

We’re already in the beginning of December!!! I can’t believe the year is almost already over 😭 Tbh Christmas & New Year’s are probably my least favorite holidays lmfao but whatever I’ll still enjoy these holiday themed cds haha


Christmas Lovers 2 Vol. 2 Inokori Christmas Hen

  • Title: クリラヴァ2 (2) 居残りクリスマス編
  • CV: Atsushi Domon
  • Release Date: December 04, 2020
  • Label: GOLD
  • Type: 18+ Situation CD


“Spending a holy night with you.”

Since the beginning of December, your boss, Takara Iduki, who you’re secretly in love with, hinted at not having any plans for Christmas Eve or Christmas. And yet, Christmas Eve arrived without you finding the courage to confess to him. To make things worse, you were the only one that had to stay behind to work overtime due to a mistake you made. For some reason, Takara ended up going back to the office.

“I came to get something I left behind,” he said…


Takara Iduki (CV. Atsushi Domon)



  1. 上司と部下
  2. 慰労会
  3. ツリーの思い出
  4. 思いやり
  5. 多忙
  6. 残業イブ
  7. 特別な夜に
  8. クリスマスの贈りもの

Voice Sample

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