R18 Doujin CD Releases: December 2020

A sinful list of 18+ doujin cd digital releases, including my personal picks, for December 2020 from DLsite! I’ll continue updating it throughout the month so make sure to check it often ♡

Not all doujin releases may be listed in this post. For all audio drama works available, please check out the links below:


Things You Want to do with Your Boyfriend on The Holy Night

You always spend Christmas alone, but if there was a magical website that made your dreams come true, what would you wish for…?

Tags: Creampie, Blowjob, Ear Licking, Hand Job

I Trained my Fiancee and Streamed It

Housuke’s channel has been dark in the months he streamed your corruption. Until today, that is… (CV: Hirame Ichijou)

Tags: Sexual Training, Outdoor Exposure, Verbal Humiliation

GOBAKOI Love that started from an accidental explosion

Full-throttle comedy gags from start to finish! (CV: Akira Miraku)

Tags: Office, Love Comedy, Gag

Apparition ~Nine-tailed Fox / You Mustn’t Fall In Love with Him~

Unable to sleep, you find yourself at a certain scent shop run by a kind, and devilish man named Tamamo. He captures, and enraptures you…studio recorded on a dummy-head mic. CV: Tetsuto Furukawa

Tags: Verbal Humiliation, Ear Licking, Youkai

Curing the Neighbor’s ED

The first in a series for girls that want to train boys to be bitches! (CV: Yuu Ninomiya)

Tags: Restraints, Toys, Sexual Training

The Beastly Desires of my Sheepish Superior

“Even the most understanding older guys have their limits. You’re the one who tempted me, so it’s time for some punishment…”

Tags: Creampie, Verbal Humiliation, Ear Licking

Stolen Away at the Sexy Hot Spring

Your boyfriend cancels your hot spring trip for two at the last second, so you go it alone, and meet a handsome man there… (CV: Yuusei Noki)

Tags: Adultery, Netorare, Creampie, Oral Cumshot

Eaten Out By a Man 25 Years Your Senior!

You pretended to be drunk to get the older bartender to take you home — all so you could get a taste of real, mature sex! (CV: Pegasus Umanami)

Tags: Ojiisan, Creampie, Big Cock

Sweety Sweet x SS

Four boys, four different situations!

Tags: Verbal Humiliation, Anthology

[Real Performance] ~Erotic Shota~ Sweet Eros

Hyper-real shota sex audio! (CV: Mori Akkun)

Tags: Shota, Younger Brother, Creampie, Oral Cumshot

My Home Tutor Taught Me XXX…

The home tutor didn’t only teach me normal subjects. He also ended up closely instructing me in the subject of Naughty Studies…

Tags: ASMR, Student, School, Ear Licking, Cunnilingus

Men who like anal sex [anal / dry orgasm / blowjob]

Welcome to our establishment, where women can come unwind by topping masochist boys.

Tags: Submissive Man, Abnormal, Hand Job, Masturbation, Anal, Nipples

After School Delight ~In The Classroom with the Teacher In Training~

The new teacher-in-training assigned to your class turns out to be your first love; that neighbor who used to play with you a lot when you were younger. After school, in the classroom, your relationship deepens. (CV: Kyoichiro Shimoo)

Tags: School, Cunnilingus, Ear Licking, Whispering

Trapped in the Palm of Your Hand

An audio work where you turn the tables on a guy who’s trying to hit on you. (CV: Ryoku Shinsen)

Tags: Submissive Man, Foot Job, Masturbation, Blowjob

Gang Molester Train ~Penetrated as 20 Men Feel You Up~

You’ve boarded a packed train as usual today. However, the men are getting strangely into your personal space this time…something is off. As it turns it, this is an organized group of 20 molesters…!? (CV: You Kijouin, Riki Kidou, HayasugiYarou, HachimitsuLemon, KenjaTime, ChomoranmaItadakimas, KitouTsutsumu, Kosurist III)

Tags: Humilation, Molestation, Dirty Talk

Milky Days with the Young Master

The boy you helped raise has returned from his study abroad as a man. The two of you confess your feelings for one another, and… (CV: Takezou Koike)

Tags: Abnormal, Fetish, Hand Job, Creampie, Boob Sex

We are Consumables ~Confined By Your First Boyfriend~

Love you. Love you. Love you. Love you. Love you. We love you. And only you. And yet, you forgot us… (CV: Ryoichi Katagiri)

Tags: Collar, Horror, R*pe, Madness

Sweet & Intense Whispering Sex ~Through the Night with a Man with an Injured Right Hand~

Together all night with a guy who’s injured his right hand. Keep your voice low, and enjoy this intensely close situation voice drama. (CV: aki)

Tags: Creampie, Hand Job, Blowjob, Ear Licking, Whispering, Muscular

Ayakashi Tale of Lust ~Shuten Douji Drinks Only the Finest~

This demon’s favorite drink is “love juices”!? What captured you, and made you an offering was not bondage or cuffs, but the demon’s spell-binding,… (CV: Ryoku Shinsen)

Tags: Creampie, Interspecies, Urination, Choking, Double Penetration, Forced Masturbation

Sadist Boyfriend’s Punishment Sex ~Underground Parking~

You broke a promise with your boyfriend, so he brings you to an underground garage for some punishment. If you cum, he’ll stick it in you right there… (CV: YorunoMitsuki)

Tags: Abnormal, ASMR, Outdoor, Creampie, SM

Makoto Sougami’s Salvation ~Teasing Your Drunken Boyfriend~

Things take a sexy turn while you care for your drunk boyfriend Makoto. (CV: Wataru Mitsuhashi)

Tags: Creampie, Fellatio, Verbal Humiliation, Ear Licking

The Signals Are Calling…

“World War III is here! Take shelter in my sperm…” (CV: Wataru Mitsuhashi)

Tags: Older Brother, Creampie, Incest

Lewd Boy Delivery Service: Yoshu

A rent boy erotically moans for you in this situation voice drama. (CV: Daisuke Shindou)

Tags: Moe, Fetish

Up Close, and Far Away ~Sweet and Deep Loving~

Up-close breathing and tongue-filled loving. When he’s away, it’s following his lewd masturbation instructions… (CV: Hirame Ichijou)

Tags: Ear Licking

The Doll Maker’s Favor

One day you met a man at a cafe who asked you to be his doll. And so began your strange new relationship… (CV: Kaoru Matsutake)

Tags: Creampie, Restraint

Alcohol x Trap! ~Drunk and Horny With Your Friendly Kouhai~

Get your kouhai drunk and go home with him… he’s just like a puppy, even when he’s hammered. (CV: Shuuya Asou)

Tags: Junior/Senior, Slice of Life, Creampie, Verbal Humiliation

Embraced in My Action Star Boyfriend’s Strong Arms

You have feelings for someone… his name is Yoshihito Iwatsuki, and he’s an action star signed to your company. Even better, you’re his new manager… (CV: Rei Shirobara)

Tags: Senior, Sexual Training, Restraint, Gangbang, Muscular

I Decided You’re My Little Sister

You awaken after a traffic accident in the care of a boy calling himself big brother, who kindly cares for and cleans you. When “brother” isn’t enough, he has sex too. When you voice your suspicions, he gets angry, and decides to punish you…

Tags: Yandere, Creampie, Fellatio, Sexual Training, Brainwashing

Sadistic Rulers

You may be the black sheep of a prestigious magical family, but at least your two helpful familiars are kind to you… or are they? (CV: Ryoku Shinsen & Isamu Kuroi)

Tags: Immoral, Verbal Humilation, 3P

Illusion -The Precious Thing Is In You~

As a high-school author, you’re struggling to make the move from romance novels to more sensual novels. In your hour of need, you meet a self-proclaimed fan inside your dreams. A story about the magic of love. (CV: Ryoichi Katagiri)

Tags: Immoral, Horror, Vore, Interspecies

You Laugh Lewdly, You Lose – Candy Mafia

Enjoy fun situations with your ero! While delving into the facts behind an internal yakuza struggle 10 years ago, you stumble upon…a mafia-run candy shop!?

Tags: Gangster, Creampie, Fellatio, Verbal Humilation

Two-faced Imperial

You are the captured princess of a defeated kingdom. “Does it hurt…? Perhaps that’s fitting for someone awful like yourself. Accept your fate as a sexual plaything to be used till the day you die.”

Tags: Prince, Sleep Sex, Creampie, Violation, Bondage


When you’re a newly-debuted idol who will do anything to make it big, some people may not have your best interests in mind. This time, a marketer brainwashes and S&M trains you.

Tags: Dirty Talk, Toys, Creampie, SM, Bondage, Urination, Spanking

Forbidden Family ~Beastly Cousin’s Intrusion~

You’ve come to stay at your uncle’s house, and your cousin sure has grown… but he has little experience with women, and takes a real liking to you.

Tags: Older Brother, Younger Brother, Uncle, Creampie, Orgy

Adult Toy Test Lab

You’re the new assistant at a lab for testing sex toys! Make sure to be very thorough…

Tags: Drugs, Toys, Creampie, Orgy

Falling for a Young Yakuza Boss ~Ruffian’s Crude Fingers~

One day, a strong yakuza barges into your house demanding repayment of your father’s debt…

Tags: Gangster, Creampie, SM, Orgy

How to Exact Proper Revenge

You picked up that item which was hidden away. You, his girlfriend, hope this voice recorder will give some clue, however little, about why he committed suicide.

Tags: Immoral

Room #1 The Therapist’s Sweet, Sensual Training

Your friend introduced you to “Secrets de femme”, a place where women can go to rid themselves of their troubles. When you go to your appointment, a gentle, dark-haired man greets you…

Tags: ASMR, Tease, Ear Licking

My Older Boyfriend Has Awakened to His Sadistic Side!?

“You have guts to try and pull that with me…” A misunderstanding leads to jealous punishment.

Tags: Successive Orgasms, Creampie, Verbal Humilation, Humiliation

Work XXX ~My New Job is XXX?~

I get that work is work, but I can’t believe they’d expect me to go this far…

Tags: Creampie, Orgy Sex

From Sunrise to Sunset ~Your Experienced & Insatiable Boyfriends~

It’s your first time with your new, hot boyfriend! You’re staying the night, but won’t be sleeping! Your experienced boyfriend uses his sexual prowess to make you climax over and over. Your insatiable boyfriend has a sex drive he can’t control… (CV: Umao Kaneda & Yuuji Masuoka)

Tags: Creampie

Sweet & Intense Whispering Sex ~Morning Lovin’ with a Childhood Friend~

You’ve known your boyfriend since the two of you were young. This morning, you’re under the covers with him for some private love-making time. (CV: Ai Himesaki)

Tags: Childhood Friend, Dirty Talk, Hand Job

Two Boyfriends ~Parallel Story~ Cheating and Being Cheated On

Two stories about a cafe owner loving and being loved…

Tags: NTR, Creampie, Verbal Humiliation

Pleasure Clinic ~Radical Treatment Gives Wet Orgasms~

There’s a certain clinic for women where handsome doctors can help with any and all sexual dysfunctions…

Tags: Doctor, Tsundere, Creampie, Orgy

Underworld Husband III ~You and I~ (Special Ver.)

Love is complicated… the young flower I was watching over has bloomed. Even though I never wanted to pollute you with my lust… (CV: Atsushi Domon)

Tags: Gangster, Creampie, Vanilla, Virgin Heroine, Age Disparity

Underworld Husband III ~You and I~ (Normal Ver.)

Love is complicated… the young flower I was watching over has bloomed. Even though I never wanted to pollute you with my lust… (CV: Atsushi Domon)

Tags: Gangster, Creampie, Vanilla, Virgin Heroine, Age Disparity

Voice Actor Boyfriend ~Makes You Melt With More Than His Voice~

You boyfriend is a super popular voice actor! Features a cast of expert, amateur, handsome and artistic voice actors. Although your boyfriend has tons of fans, he only has eyes for you~ And tonight you have him all to yourself… (CV: Koshi Yukimitsu, Tetsuto Furukawa, Triple-B, Isuke Natsumura

Tags: Tsundere, Creampie


SEX with YOUR FRIEND!? ~A Hottie ‘s ANAL becomes a PUSSY~

SUPER EROTIC but PURE and TOUCHING LOVE STORY of two guy college students!! Enjoy fucking “THE BEST HOTTIE IN SCHOOL” KOUKI!!

Tags: Toys, Creampie, Squirting

Bad Luck Peeping Vol.2 [Loner Character Bottom Ver.]

A no BGM voice drama where you can enjoy the thrill of listening in on love making. This is the loner character bottom version!

Tags: Student

During the peculiar prosperous post-Edo period, there exists a little shop where you can peep in on men having intercourse with each other!? A man decides to check out this shop during the rainy season, but it turns out…

Tags: Historical, Reversible

Tipsy Slutty Sex with Friends (Voice Drama Full Version) [English Ver.]

A voice drama adaptation of circle ECHO’s drunken university student 3-way BL comic! (CV: Yadoru Aiga,
Toori Kazami, Shinichi Azuma,
Ria Akai)

Tags: English Translation, Orgy

Akito’s Live Raw Footage Broadcast

He’s got two faces — the one he shows to the world, and the one he shows only to you… (CV: Sukimacherryyy)

Tags: Dirty Talk, Comedy, Masturbation, Blowjob


Model, CEO, and influencer Amber Hoshimiya r*pes a big-dicked police officer! (CV: Ryou Katagiri)

Tags: Reverse R*pe, Spanking, Dirty Talk, Foot Job

Love Begins With a Trial

A story of erotic love between an asocial playboy and an outgoing puppy of a boy!

Tags: Student, School

Onii-san, Don’t Try Matchmaking

“You’re my everything. Do you understand? Please, let me dream, too…”

Tas: Collar/Chain/Restraint, Incest

THE WISH WE SHARE Part 1 (Voice Drama Ver.)

This is the story of a straight guy’s humiliation at the hands of his stalker… (CV: OneNightLove, Takezou Koike, HayasugiYarou, Mitsuru Nagasao)

Tags: R*pe, Violation, Restraint, Humiliaton

THE WISH WE SHARE Part 2 (Voice Drama Ver.)

This is the story of a straight guy’s humiliation at the hands of his stalker… (CV: OneNightLove, Takezou Koike, HayasugiYarou, Mitsuru Nagasao)

Tags: R*pe, Violation, Restraint, Humiliaton

Horny Pilot’s Sex Flight [Sequel] ~Joining the Mile High Club~

The pilot finds himself unable to resist the advances of the forceful co-pilot, who offers to give him “special training” that will build his resistance to temptation… (CV: Daisuke Shindou)

Tags: Uniform, Verbal Humiliation, Anal

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