[R18 Drama CD] love×scramble

HOBiGIRLS fleur is back with a new cd! It’s been a while since we’ve had a release from HOBiGIRLS fleur, right? I was already used to all the releases from HOBiGIRLS neige that I was expecting this one to be from neige as well! Also way to confuse me with the “scramble” in the title. I thought this was a new volume from that other Scramble series haha 😂😂😂

PS. I’m just going to pretend Tougo is Rindou since they’re both voiced by the same seiyuu 😌 A 3P with Rindou’s & Ginsei’s seiyuu when????




  • CV: Hokki Nimaigai & Atsushi Domon
  • Release Date: December 25, 2020
  • Label: HOBiGIRLS fleur
  • Type: 18+ Situation CD


You were chosen as the manager for the rising idol group, LioN. Even though you struggled every day, you still worried about the problems faced by the members, Amane & Tougo. One day, due to a sex scandal between Amane and a woman, the company ordered you to live together with them…


Tougo Sakurai (CV: Hokki Nimaigai)

Amane Toujou (CV: Atsushi Domon)


  1. いんしょう
  2. ひまわりのきせつ
  3. はなび
  4. きょり
  5. いわかん
  6. かくしごと
  7. エピローグ この先を
  8. アナザーエピローグ あこがれの君へ


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