[R18 Doujin CD] Trapped in the Palm of Your Hand

Maiden Berry decided to bless us with a femdom heroine (you) and a cute submissive man. That’s right, it includes pegging among other wonderful things hehe 😌 It’s available digitally on DLsite’s English & Japanese site for those interested!

I-I think this cd will end me 😳 “But Liesel, I thought you were not into these?” *sweats nervously* I used to think that the part of me that was a sub & a masochist was 95% and the part of me that was a dom & a sadist was only 5%, but after thinking long and hard about the things I like, I’d say it’s actually 50/50! I’ll just be whatever I want to be at the given situation, so if you’ll excuse me, I have a dom role to take and a sub man to peg bye 😂


Trapped in the Palm of Your Hand

  • Japanese Title: 掌上の罠 (Shoujou no Wana)
  • CV: Ryoku Shinsen
  • Release Date: December 02, 2020
  • Label: Maiden Berry
  • Type: 18+ Situation CD


You’re heading home one night after a drinking party with classmates. Suddenly, you’re approached by a young man named Haruhisa Fukami. He’s also in your class, and says he’ll take you home since he lives in the same direction. But once you get there, he’s clearly got other ideas. He wants to go up for a glass of water. Sure… water…You’re intrigued by his clumsy attempts at hitting on you, and decided to show him a good time all on your own.


Haruhisa Fukami (CV: Ryoku Shinsen)

21 years old, 183cm
A fellow student in your classes at college. Somewhat popular. He’s a bit frustrated that you don’t seem to take notice of him.


  1. 騙すのはどっち?
  2. 気まぐれなお仕置き (主なプレイ内容:踏みつけ、足コキ、オナニー)
  3. 縋りつく
  4. 終わりの見えない試験 (主なプレイ内容:オナニー、手コキ、顔面騎乗、フェラ、騎乗位)
  5. 持ち主と玩具
  6. 【〇追加前〇100DL達成記念特典】はじめての (主なプレイ内容:アナル責め、逆アナル(ペギング))

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