DLsite English Will Be “Closing”

DLsite recently announced that DLsite English will be closing. Don’t worry because that’s actually great news!

DLsite English will be merged into the Japanese DLsite, which means that there will only be one DLsite! As many of you may know, there were some limitations to DLsite English and its customers were missing out on some features and titles that were only available in the Japanese site, so the merge will definitely benefit DLsite English customers!

There is already a language switching feature, so you can already browse DLsite (JP). Keep in mind that it’s still early, so not everything may be translated, but you should be able to navigate it without major trouble! (You can use Google Translate to help you with what’s yet to be translated) While it’s not required at the moment, it’s recommended that you begin to shop on DLsite (JP). Of course, you can choose to continue shopping in DLsite English for the time being. Either way, you won’t lose your purchases made in DLsite English. Those will gradually be transferred to your DLsite (JP) account as the merging of the two sites progresses. As always, feel free to ask me any questions!

One thought on “DLsite English Will Be “Closing””

  1. Oh my god I was so scared ! I just purchased 4 doujin In Dlsite english I thought they would be deleted 😭
    Thank you for the news 👍


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