[Drama CD] The PV for ROCK DOWN’s “GREEN” Has Been Released

GREEN is the fourth volume of the VAZZROCK COLOR Series which delivers unit and trio songs representing the four colors: blue, red, yellow, and green, as well as a mini drama depicting everyday life.




  1. ドラマ「完璧な天羽玲司」
  2. ドラマ「午前7時の宣戦布告」
  3. ドラマ「完璧すぎる天羽玲司」
  4. ドラマ「Get the green light」
  5. ドラマ「ギムレットで乾杯を」
  6. World Tree
  7. Happy Time!
  8. World Tree -off vocal-
  9. Happy Time! -off vocal-


  • Original Title: VAZZROCK COLORシリーズ [-GREEN-] Get the green light
  • Release Date: January 29, 2021
  • Type: Drama CD
  • Cast: ROCK DOWN / Shou Onoda (CV: Yukitoshi Kikuchi), Haruto Kujikawa (CV: Yoshiaki Hasegawa), Reiji Amaha (CV: Takuya Sato), Ayumu Tachibana (CV: Taito Ban), Gaku Ooguro (CV: Takuya Masumoto), and Ruka Nadumi (CV: Keisuke Koumoto).
  • Official Links:

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