[R18 Drama CD] Happy Valentine! with Koki (CV: Kakeru Yunomachi)

GOLD has announced a new 18+ Situation CD Series!



You were deeply in love with your childhood friend, Koki, during your school days, but you decided to give up on him since you thought that he didn’t see you as a girl, and you were fine with just being able to be by his side. However, when you became adults, you began to spend time in each other’s room, and your feelings for him that you had kept to yourself resurfaced again……


Koki Suetsugu (CV: Kakeru Yunomachi)

  • Age: 27
  • Occupation: Bank Employee (Teller)


  1. 土曜の夜
  2. 忘れもの
  3. 「ごめん」と埋め合わせ
  4. 夕暮れ
  5. 来週の予定は
  6. バレンタインデー
  7. 本当はずっと
  8. これからもずっと


  • Original Title: Happy Valentine! with Koki
  • Release Date: January 29, 2021
  • Label: GOLD
  • Type: 18+ Situation CD
  • Cast: Kakeru Yunomachi
  • Official Links:


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