[R18 Drama CD] Kimi to Irareru Yuuitsu no Houhou Vol. 1 (CV: Subaru Ichinose)

HOBiGIRLS neige has announced a new 18+ Situation CD! To him, there seems to be only way to be together with you…



You met your childhood friend, Ryousuke, again for the first time in 6 years. He was happy to see you again and offered you a copy of the key to his room.

“I’m sorry for being late. I came to pick you up.”

You were surprised by his sudden words, but Ryousuke immediately laughed it off as a joke. You spent more time together again to make up for the time that you were apart.


Ryousuke Haduki (CV: Subaru Ichinose)


  1. あの頃のように
  2. 知らない
  3. ××な僕に
  4. ずるい子
  5. いびつな愛
  6. 唯一の方法



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