[R18 Drama CD] Kyuuketsuki no Seiai –route Toru- (CV: Kumaniku Fuyuno)

Vanilla Recipe has announced a new vampire-themed 18+ Situation CD Series!



Vampires and humans are deeply connected…

“Right now, I’ve filled you up with all of me…”

Nowadays, vampires and humans coexist. You’re a human spending your days happily with your boyfriend, Toru, who is blunt yet sweet and loving. One day, during your date, you noticed that Toru was feeling under the weather, and just as you were about to call it day, it suddenly started to rain. You went to Toru’s house since it was nearby, but for some reason Toru didn’t want you to go up to his room. It started to rain harder and harder, and little by little, Toru began to lose his composure. He finally reached his limit when you clung on to him due to your fear of thunder, and he bit your neck, sucking your blood…


Toru Udou (CV: Kumaniku Fuyuno)

  • Age: 29
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Occupation: Construction Worker



  1. ワラキアの愛
  2. 願わぬ邂逅
  3. 生暖かい雨
  4. 許しの祈り
  5. 謝罪と秘密
  6. 和らぐ心


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