R18 Doujin CD Releases: January 2021

This is a sinful list of 18+ Doujin CD digital releases, including my personal picks, for January 2021 from DLsite! I’ll continue updating it throughout the month so make sure to check it often ♡

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Not all doujin releases may be listed in this post. For all audio drama works available, please check out the links below:


隠~Crazy Blood~ [Dusk]

Kakure ~Crazy Blood~

CV:  KoitsuDareya & Cherry Hatsuji

Tags: Creampie, Fellatio, 3P

愛玩に赤薔薇を [parasite garden]

Aigain ni Akabara wo

CV: Chasuke

Tags: Sexual Training, Verbal Humiliations

大人のカレの狂った執着愛 〜監禁…虜囚…安心して私にハメられ続けて孕んでください〜 [KZentertainment]

Otona no Kareshi no Kurutta Shuuchakuai

Tags: Tags: Abnormal/Pervert, Senior, Captivity

うちの発情執事との過ごし方 [BLACK CAT]

Uchi no Hatsujou Shitsuji to no Sugoshikata

CV: Kamonegi

Tags: Butler, Vanilla

【英語版】外出自粛で長いこと会えない彼氏とのオナ指示電話 (CV: きりにゃん) [きりにゃん@シチュエーションボイスYouTuber]

[ENG Ver.] Gaishutsu Jishuki Nagai koto Aenai Kareshi to no Ona Shiji Denwa

CV: Kirinyan

Tags: English Translation, Masturbation

下着泥棒に調教されちゃったわたし [Black Prince With Rose]

Shitagidoro Bou ni Choukyou sarechatta Watashi

CV: Hirame Ichijou

Tags: NTR, Creampie, Masturbation, R*pe

Dangerous Share House ~My Body Got Shared~

Tags: NTR, Creampie, Orgy Sex

Weekend Lover ~Spoiled by My Sexy Older Boyfriend!~

Tags: Creampie, Restraint, Ear Licking

Waltz of the Oft-requested Little Piggy 2

Tags: Toys, Pet, Masturbation, Sexual training, Ear Licking

You are a mannequin?

Tags: Creampie, Humiliation, Ear Licking, Molestation

More! Taken Forcefully!?

Tags: Older Brother, Office/Workplace, Creampie, SM, Orgy Sex

Lovey Family Plan with Hubby ~I’ll Make You Sopping Wet~

Tags: Creampie

The Tattoo Artist’s Dog

Tags: Creampie, Verbal Humiliation, Irrumatio, Drugs, Piercings

I’m Being Forced?

Tags: School, Office/Workplace, Creampie, Orgy Sex

[ENG Ver.] Adorable, Sensitive Maso Boyfriend Is Stunned By His First Titty-Fuck (CV: Kirinyan)

Tags: English Translation, Fetish, Breasts, Moe

A Soldier’s Aggressive Love ~Captured Nun~

Tags: Hand Job, Creampie, Verbal Humiliation, Coercion, Fantasy, Historical

Enkai no Palast ~Perverted King’s Crazed Love~

Tags: Creampie, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Violation, Masturbation, Coercion, Ear Licking

Bloody boy friend-abnormal vampire-

Tags: Creampie, Ear Licking, Abnormal/Perverted, Comedy, Fantasy

The Love of a Cuckoo ~Secret Switcheroo~

Tags: Creampie, Pregnancy/Impregnation, R*pe

Sweet Boyfriend Turns Sadistic (CV: YorunoMitsuki)

Tags: Verbal Humiliation, Ear Licking


Tags: Whip/Rope/Candle, Anal, Spanking, Peeing Oneself, Dirty Talk, Abnormal/Perverted, Drugs

Threatened by My Neighbor & Impregnated by Tentacles (DLsite Original Bonus)

Tags: Submissive Man, Collar/Chain/Restraint, Drugs, Foreign Objects, Fantasy

Threatened by My Neighbor

Tags: Femdom, Submissive Man, Collar/Chain/Restraints, Toys, Captivity

Impregnated by Tentacles

Tags: Submissive Man, Foreign Objects, Violation, Anal, Tentacles

Ignorance is bliss

Tags: NTR, Creampie, Depression/Depressing

Sweet Time

Tags: Creampie, Verbal Humiliation, Oral


「迷宮BADEND」ボイスドラマセット [KZentertainment]

Meikyuu BAD END (Voice Drama Set)

Tags: Collar/Chain/Restraints, Fantasy, Coercion, R*pe

Virgin Noble Omega ~A Meeting With My Fated One, and Baby-making Sex~

Tags: Omegaverse, Hand job, Masturbation, Blowjob, Anal, Squirting

Attachment enabling

Tags: Toys, Younger, Age Disparity, Masturbation, Blowjob, Coercion, Oral Cumshot

You’re On the Bottom!

Tags: Dirty Talk, Romcom, Creampie, Blowjob

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