[Otome Drama CD] The MV for Akito Sakisaka’s “Down to Zero” Has Been Released

The MV for Akito’s song, Down to Zero, was released a few days ago! The full version of Down to Zero is available on music streaming services such as Apple Music & Spotify, so please listen from official sources if you can. The drama tracks are not available for streaming, so you’ll have to buy the physical CD if you want to listen to the full CD.




  1. 新人マネージャー
  2. 今の俺じゃダメだから
  3. 息抜きなんて
  4. アニバーサリーが終わったら
  5. 悲劇は突然に
  6. NOISE NOVAの秋人だから
  7. ゼロになれた自分
  8. Down to Zero/歌:向坂秋人(CV.石川界人)


  • Original Title: PERFECTION NOISE Vol.3 向坂秋人
  • Release Date: January 27, 2021
  • Type: Otome Drama CD
  • Cast: Akito Sakisaka (CV. Kaito Ishikawa)
  • Official Links:


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