Blackstar Theater Starless Valentine’s Event “Into me” Has Begun!

★ The curtain rises for the Valentine’s Event, Into me!

Event Period: Feb 12 – Feb 23 (11:59 PM CST)

During rehearsal for the Valentine’s performance, they say that the role of Cheshire Cat is perfect for Zakuro. Contrary to what they think, Zakuro needs to study the cat’s character, and disappears…



New ★4-cards featuring Team C’s Valentine’s outfits are now available in the Diamond Gacha! These new cards will give you a pt boost during the event. Don’t miss out on the ★4-card exclusive scenarios!


Into me

  • Singer: Zakuro (MC: Shakemii)
  • Lyrics: Yuuki
  • Track: Ryo Shirasawa (noisycroak)


The Valentine Card 2021 is on sale! It includes a “Valentine 2021 ★4-card Guaranteed Gacha Ticket” and a VIP event themed title! You will also earn more chips in the daily log-in compared to a regular black card~


Limited-time chocolate is on sale! It can be purchased only once during the event period. The ranking pts & card parameters for the cast member that receives the chocolate will be increased temporarily. In addition, there is also a special talk available.


The Valentine’s cards from last year’s event will also be available in the Diamond Gacha! These cards will also give you a pt boost during the event.


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