[From Liesel] February 17, 2021

Hello everyone, I hope y’all are doing well~

For those that don’t know, I live in Texas which is currently experiencing a winter storm and rotating power outages orders are in place. The power in my area just came back a while ago, but I expect it to go out again soon though. Each power outage seems to last longer than the last(?) Thankfully, it’s not as cold right now as how it was in the previous days. One of my friends didn’t have power for 2 days straight and now it comes back for 2-3 hours (if she’s lucky) and back to no electricity for 10+ hours. People also went crazy over gasoline & food due to panic caused by rumors over shortages 😬

I don’t know how long this will keep going on, so I might not be able to be online for the time being. No power = no internet. Usually, in situations like these, I rely on my phone to stay connected, but not this time. T-mobile did me dirty, so every time I lose power, I lose signal as well. Everyone else in my area seems to be doing fine with other companies like Cricket and it’s cheaper too! Something I should keep in mind.

As for GOs & Splits, I will continue to keep everyone updated through the masterlist’s “Ongoing” page! Please note that I might take longer to reply to messages for the next couple of days. I might not be online, but I am still working on everything I can.

I will be back soon. Stay safe & warm everyone! 

– Liesel 🐰

February 21, 2021: I am back!!! 🤩 Thank you for the kind messages everyone 🥺💛 I will begin replying to messages shortly. Please feel free to message me again if I haven’t replied within 48 hrs from now!

5 thoughts on “[From Liesel] February 17, 2021”

    1. thanks!!! 🥰 things are slowly getting back to normal~ The power is back! We did end up having a food shortage after all, and I believe it might take a while to restock, so it’s been a bit hard to get food/groceries. I’ve had to eat fast food these past few days. On the bright side, the weather is getting warmer 🌞


      1. Dear Liesal-san,

        Glad to know that things are getting better. Please do continue to look after yourself and your loved ones. Once again, looking forward to reading more of your content (and requesting hopefully) when everything has been streamlined on your end.

        Take care.


  1. Thank you for notifying us and I hope that you guys are warm and safe. I hope this will pass soon and electricity will be back, it hurts to read about the current situation and nothing being done about it 😦

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  2. thanks! 🥰 I was able to stay warm for the most part & the power is back now! Many neighborhoods were without power until this past Sunday. In my case, I’d go hours without power and it would come back for a while. I can’t imagine how it must have been for those that were without power for days. It was sad to hear about the many deaths in other cities 😔

    I’ve had to eat fast food for the past few days since there’s currently a food shortage, and it’s been a bit hard to get food/groceries. Despite that, things are looking better. The weather is getting warmer 🌞


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