Blackstar Theater Starless Concert Event “BLACK LIVE” Has Begun!

★The curtain rises for the Concert Event, BLACK LIVE!

Event Period: Feb 24 – Mar 02 (11:59 PM CST)

It’s been decided that Starless will hold their first solo concert and Kei suddenly returns to Japan to join the rest of the enthusiastic singers. The 8 singers become very passionate as they begin preparing for the concert…



New ★4-cards featuring the 8 singers wearing their BLACK LIVE outfits are now available in the Diamond Gacha! These new cards will give you a pt boost during the event. Don’t miss out on the ★4-card exclusive scenarios!


The BLACK LIVE Card is on sale! It includes a “BLACK LIVE ★4-card Guaranteed Gacha Ticket” and a VIP event themed title! You will also earn more chips in the daily log-in compared to a regular black card~


Players who have not logged in for 30 days or more will receive 3,000 diamonds as a reward! In addition, if the number of returning players exceed 5,000 during the campaign period, all players will receive an additional 3,000 diamonds!


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