BSTS 2nd Album Group Order – USA & Worldwide

Hello! I’m hosting a GO for Blackstar Theater Starless 2nd Album! ★

  • Order Form:
  • Paypal, Venmo, & other payment methods 🆗
  • DM for more info

shares appreciated!  #lieselGOs


  • BLACKSTAR II: Regular Edition
  • BLACKSTAR II: Black Ver.
  • BLACKSTAR II: Star Ver.
  • BLACKSTAR II: Set of 3


  • 2nd Album BLACKSTAR II: Main Disc
    • Just a Loser
    • To be, or not to be
    • Aiguille Creuse
    • Bad Blood
    • Kouya ni te
    • Treasured -Kei Ver.-
    • Somewhere
    • No wish on a star (Instruments)  
    • Kibou no Hata no moto ni
    • Kyokou no Shouzou
    • Kyokuya
    • Reimei wa Matanai
    • No Way Out
    • The Final Problem
  • 2nd Album BLACKSTAR II: BLACK Ver. 
    • Daken
    • Fragile Lake
    • Tsuduki wa Ashita wo Yoru ni
    • Mid Summer Beach
    • Zankou no Yukue
    • Judas
    • Treasured -Yoshino ver.-
    • Early Summer Affair
    • Tenma no Utage
    • Saika no Shukusei

Additional details such as pricing, etc. can be found in the order form â˜† Please let me know if there are any errors!

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