PERFECTION NOISE Vol.4 Chisato Kurumiya

It’s finally leader Chisa’s turn! The events in this CD take place several months after Episode.0 and will focus on the relationship between Chisato and NOISE NOVA’s manager aka you. You can read the synopsis below! ( ´ ▽ ` )



Chisato Kurumiya is busy everyday as the leader of NOISE NOVA. He has a keen sense of observation and has always been there for the members.  However, he has a problem that he can’t tell anyone because it is something that could put NOISE NOVA at risk……

During that time, NOISE NOVA gets a new manager……!

Originally tweeted by 【公式】PERFECTION NOISE (@PerfectionNoise) on January 13, 2021.

Voice Sample


  1. もっと上へ行きたいから
  2. マネージャーは大切に
  3. 突然の誘い
  4. 一筋の光
  5. 存在する意味
  6. やっと見つけた、本当の居場所
  7. Achromatic/歌:来宮千智(CV.木村良平)


  • Original Title: PERFECTION NOISE Vol.4 来宮千智(CV.木村良平)
  • Release Date: February 24, 2021
  • Type: Otome Drama CD
  • Cast: Chisato Kurumiya (CV: Ryohei Kimura)
  • Official Links:

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