Kuroi Yume Vol.5 #34 Go two

Kuroi Yume Vol.5 #34 Go two, the 5th volume of Bitter Princess Label’s Kuroi Yume series, to be released in March. Please note that this work is recommended for ages 18+ before you proceed.


You planned to spend your 2 days & 1 night holiday relaxing in a luxury beach resort. Some of the features in this particular resort are guest rooms that are “detached from each other” and a “private concierge” assigned to each room.


…Your dark dream while traveling alone.


  • Hotel Exclusive Esthetician  (CV: Netoru Irakusa)
  • Private Concierge (CV: Nekosuke Torasawa)


  1. 2日目 早朝  後宴 暁のプライベートビーチ
  2. 1日目 午後  宴の前 チェックインと差配
  3. 1日目 夕刻~深夜 本宴 プライベートコテージ
     男性上位69 プッシークランプでの辱め 二穴処女喪失ほか


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