R18 Doujin CD Releases: March 2021

This is a sinful list of R18 Doujin CD digital releases, including my personal picks, for March 2021 from DLsite! I’ll continue updating it throughout the month so make sure to check it often ♡

Not all doujin releases may be listed in this post. For all audio drama works available, please check out the links below:


Tags: Creampie, Salaried Worker, Adultery

🎧 DLsite

絶倫彼との極限えっち ~早漏なのに連続〇発⁈~

Tags: Creampie, Oral Cumshot, Toys, Megane

🎧 DLsite


Tags: Heroine’s POV, Toys, Restraint, Cunnilingus

🎧 DLsite

Dreams of the Fallen Demon

Tags: Youkai, Cohabitation

🎧 DLsite


Tags: Creampie, Humilation, Brainwashin, Fantasy

🎧 DLsite

He Watches Me

Tags: Senpai/Kouhai, Salaried Worker, Humiliation

🎧 DLsite

Public XXX ~電車内でイケメン痴漢に囁かれて~

Tags: Humiliation, Molestation, Outdoor Exposure, Train

🎧 DLsite


Tags: Creampie, Humiliation, Captivity, R*pe

🎧 DLsite


Tags: Incubus, Drugs, Humilition, Cunnilingus

🎧 DLsite

Entice ~Perilous Part-Timer in Peril~

Tags: Creampie, Impregnation, R*pe

🎧 DLsite


Tags: Yandere, Creampie, Captivity, Cunnilingus

🎧 DLsite

“Senpai, I Love You.” – Seduced by Your Tipsy Coworker

Tags: Senpai/Kouhai, Salaried Worker, Office, Cunnilingus

🎧 DLsite

Rich Man~リッチマン~Vol.1 石油王の場合…

Tags: Creampie, Masturbation, Spanking, Blowjob, Cunnilingus

🎧 DLsite

Oral Training

Tags: Creampie, Facial Cumshot, Oral Cumshot, Irrumatio, Dirty talk, Blowjob

🎧 DLsite

Twin-Ear Braingasm ~A World of Controlling Pleasure~

Tags: Humiliation, Cunnilingus

🎧 DLsite

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