Kouhai-kun wa Nikushoku-kei!?

Chouchou to release a new CD titled Kouhai-kun wa Nikushoku-kei!?. Please note that this work is recommended for ages 18+ before you proceed.


Rintarou, who works on the planning team of the sweets department, is your junior. He is always refreshing and is also popular in the office. He has taken an interest in you for being able to do everything flawlessly…….


“Senior…why don’t you spoil me every once in a while?”

Rintarou’s voice as he approached you with such sweet words sounded different from the one of your usual junior…!


Rintarou Kunimaru (CV: Tenhou Itsuka)


  1. 先輩愛
  2. 我慢
  3. 初採用
  4. 祝杯
  5. ご褒美
  6. スイーツよりも甘い
  7. 凸凹パートナー


Liesel’s Sinful Corner

This is one of the April releases that I’m looking forward to the most! I really, really like this type of “sheep hiding in wolf’s clothing” kouhai (´ ∀ ` *)


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