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This may seem a bit out of nowhere, but I couldn’t help myself lmfao Tbh I never really got to finish playing Nie no Machi and it’s been in my backlog since like forever, so idk wtf I’m doing crossing into the fandisc’s territory lmfao

I actually started playing it again in preparation for Iro Musubi which is set to be released this year! I’m currently in the prologue and one of my favorite characters is Asuku!

⚠️ Please note that this post may contain spoilers for the original Nie no Machi game, so proceed at your own risk! I recommend playing the original game first, it’s available digitally on DLsite.

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Landlord: “The commercial started airing today.”

Hisora: “It’s my commercial……”

I didn’t know how to react to seeing myself on the TV that had been installed in the living room.

Even if it’s to protect me, it’s a little――no, it’s really embarrassing to see myself.

Komachi: “It’s a retro model, that really brings back memories, doesn’t it?”

Koko: “I’ve watched TV before……it was at my friend’s house in town, but we had one here, too.”

Landlord: “It’s been around since the Showa Era, but nobody seemed to care, so I just put it away.”

Hisora: “Really……”

I was told there weren’t many forms of entertainment in this world, so I assumed there wasn’t any TV…… but how can there be no TV when there are phones and electricity, right?

Akari: “Showa Era, huh? Landlord, just how old are you……?”

Naruomi: “Chairs are not allowed to speak.”

Akari: “Ahyye!”

Asuku: “Hey, that’s disgusting, so stop it.”

With a look of pure ecstasy on his face, Akari writhed his hips as Naruomi spanked him with a bar. Asuku gave the two a look of disgust, but he didn’t return to his room. It seemed like the TV had also caught his interest.

Mio: “Does it have Starpar? Carchoon Network?”

Naruomi: “Can we watch the news?”

Landlord: “It doesn’t have any of those things. To begin with, there is only one channel and the programs are all boring.”

Naruomi: “……What about historical dramas?”

Landlord: “Oh, you can watch those.”

Once Hisora got inside, I started the car. I stepped on the accelerator, and drove slowly out of the parking lot.

In the meantime, Hisora looked around the inside of the car curiously.

Hisora: “It’s clean and it doesn’t smell like cigarettes…..Don’t you smoke?”

Mio: “I don’t. Do you?”

Hisora: “I don’t either.”

Mio: “……”

He’s doing it again. Hisora does this when we’re together, it’s like he’s comparing me with someone else sometimes……maybe with the old me from his memories.

I don’t remember when I met Hisora. I’ve asked him about that time several times in the past, but for some reason, he always avoids the topic.

It’s already been half a year. At first I thought there was a reason why he didn’t want to tell me, so I decided to wait until he was ready, but……I can’t help but worry about it.

Mio: “Come to think of it……”

――But in the end I couldn’t bring it up, and changed the topic to something trivial.

Hisora: “Ah……”

I was kissed. It was a really light kiss, but Asuku did it over and over again.

Hisora: “Wai……Asu……”

I couldn’t speak properly because he kept kissing me. But Asuku smiled as he looked at me, causing my cheeks to redden a bit.

Asuku: “I’m glad I remembered you, Hisora. Thank you for remembering as well.”

Hisora: “……likewise.”

Asuku: “I’m a little different from when I was at the inn, but I still remember everything from back there. I remember it well.”

Asuku: “I didn’t forget about my feelings for you, nor did they change. Even now……I like you.”

Hisora: “I do too……”

I struggled to get the words out and tell him that I liked him too. Is it really okay to say it? Would I really be holding Asuku back?

I remembered the words of a man named Maeda who I had met in front of the station, and I couldn’t say anything more.

My first impression of Asuku was that he’s so violent lmfao The Asuku I know is always in a bad mood, always picks a fight with Hisora, and even tried to kill him once, so it’s rather amusing seeing this lovey-dovey side of him. The power of love sure is great~ 😂

Naruomi: “Ah……”

I was surprised to see Naruomi standing outside when I was getting off work.

Hisora: “……”

Naruomi: “……”

What is Naruomi doing here? Dressed like that, too…… There was a question mark circling around my head.

Naruomi opened his eyes wide with surprise. He probably wasn’t expecting for my coworkers to be there as well. 

Senior: “Do you know him, Hisora?”

The seniors asked me as they looked back and forth between us, perhaps because we stared at each other without saying anything.

As long as I don’t say anything, they won’t find out about our relationship. I panicked and my mind went blank.

That’s why……

Hisora: “……I don’t.”

Naruomi: “……”

As soon as those words left my mouth, Naruomi averted his gaze awkwardly, and walked away.

While I wondered whether to chase after him, Naruomi got in a taxi and left.

Sorry, Naruomi. I didn’t know what to say……

Senior: “Did he get the wrong guy?……Well, who cares.”

My seniors started walking and I followed after them. But in my heart, I began to feel a sense of guilt for what I had just done to Naruomi.

Hisora: “Whoa!”

Something cold fell on my left hand. I’d just started eating, but the popsicle was already melting.

Hisora: “Huh?”

Black? That wasn’t the color of the popsicle. There was some kind of black liquid on my hand.

What the? Is dirty water falling from somewhere? I looked up as the thought crossed my mind.

And there…… it was.

An ominous-looking skeleton was leaning over my shoulder and looking at me.

Plop. Black saliva dripped down and fell on my hand once again, filling the air with the strong stench of rotting meat.

“I don’t want to die.”

I thought I heard something in my ears.

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