Blackstar Theater Starless Limited Time Medley Event “Sekka” Has Begun!

★The limited time medley event, Sekka, has begun!

Event Period:

  • Sorting Battle (1st Half): May 01 – May 05 (12:59 AM CST)
  • Block Battle (2nd Half): May 05 – May 10 (12:59 AM CST)

The event song for this event is Team K’s “Sekka” Play the medley of songs and aim for the top rankings.


How to Play

A medley event is an event where you play 2 songs in a row. The 1st song in this event will be “Sekka” and the 2nd song will be a randomly selected song performed by Team W.

The event is divided into 2: Sorting Battle & Block Battle

  • Sorting Battle (1st Half): Compete against all players to be sorted into your respective block for the “Block Battle”
  • Block Battle (2nd Half): Compete against players in your block


There are 3 types of medley event rewards you can receive:

  • Event Points Rewards
  • Sorting Battle Rewards
  • Block Battle Rewards

You can get a ★5-card, a Limit Badge, a Limited Title and more!


New ★4-cards featuring Kokuyou, Akira, Sin & Taiga wearing their “Sekka” outfits are now available in the Diamond Gacha! In addition, Takami’s, which had previously been released, will also be available! Use these cards to your advantage and get a head start on the medley event!

★Medley Card

You can buy the Medley Card if you’re in need of chips! It’s a great-value chip card and you will earn more chips in the daily log-in compared to a regular black card~

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