Hidden Object Game “MARS RED: Edge of The Nightmare” has been released

In case you didn’t know, Mars Red: Edge of the Nightmare has been released!

The game has a language switching feature, so you can switch between Japanese and English! I must admit that I am so in love with this feature!!! As someone who’s studying Japanese, this feature comes in handy for me because I have the option of going back and forth when I don’t understand something in Japanese. I’m super happy that I will also be able to fangirl about the game with fellow English speaking fans. Many of the games I play are in Japanese and usually, the English speaking fandom is either really small or it’s basically non existent and tbh it kinda gets kinda lonely sometimes. I hope many of you get to enjoy the game~


Early twentieth century, Japan – the flowering era of Taisho influenced by Romanticism. As the nation prospered in modernization, some species were outcasted and stood at the crossroads of their lives.

They were – vampires.

Although they possessed superhuman physical abilities, they would burn under the sun and only lived off of blood. They suffered from having keen senses,and most of them could not adjust to their eternal life. Thus – they were vulnerable species.This is a story about a young man named Yatsufusa, who became a vampireagainst his will and seeks the meaning of life as he encounters different people and species surrounding him.



Yatsufusa Yuki (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)

A Class C vampire who recently got infected. He is wise despite his self-deprecating and lethargic character since he enjoys plays and books. He dreamed of becoming an actor. He comes from a military family. However, he felt isolated from his father and two brothers since childhood because he spent most of his time inside the house due to poor health.

Shutaro Kurusu (CV: Tasuku Hatanaka)

A member of Organization Zero and the only Class A vampire in Japan. He grew up in a family working in the kimono wholesale business in Nihonbashi, so he is well-raised and not an ordinary militant. He is very peace-loving. However, his bizarre statements always call attention.

Yoshinobu Maeda (CV: Junichi Suwabe)

Colonel of the Imperial Japanese Army Military Police Corps, and the captain of Organization Zero. He is calm and collected, hard on himself and others. Yamagami also graduated from Imperial Japanese Army Academy the same year.

Tokuichi Yamagami (CV: Koichi Yamadera)

A member of Organization Zero and an untanked vampire. He is knowledgeable in classical music and art. He enjoys fashion despite his character, and also a loving husband. Maeda tends to pick on him, and Takeuchi treats him as a guinea pig.

Takeuchi (CV: Akira Ishida)

Chief of the technological department for Organization Zero and a Class D vampire. He is a mad scientist who rejoices about becoming a vampire since he can focus on his experiments with his eternal life and never deteriorating brain.

Suwa (CV: Kenichi Suzumura)

A member of Organization Zero and a Class C vampire. He is one of the oldest vampires living for over 300 years and hardly remembers his human years because he was a stray vampire for a long time. He is cruel and rude, yet has many hobbies he enjoys.

Defrott (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro)

The eldest vampire in the world who ranks in the highest Class S. He settles in the Imperial Theatre and works as an actor.


  • Original Title: MARS RED~彼ハ誰時ノ詩~
  • Release Date: May 20, 2021
  • Genre: Adventure
  • System: Mobile (Android/iOS)
  • Voice: Japanese
  • Language: Japanese & English

Official Links


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