Korean BL Novel “Kiss Me, Liar” by ZIG is available in English

The first volume of the Korean BL Novel, Kiss Me, Liar by ZIG will be available in English on several digital platforms on May 31, 2021.


Did you know? WordExcerpt has actually been releasing the chapters in English for a while now!!! Σ(°ロ°)

Please consider buying it if you can. Its success means many more Korean novels could receive an official translation in the future!!!


“I never sleep with men, and Yeonwoo knows his place.”

Keith Knight Pittman. A man who isn’t interested in me at all yet changed my life the most. Someone who doesn’t love me even a little, but the only person who shakes up my heart.

While working as Keith’s secretary, I became surrounded and traumatized by Extreme Alphas at the orgy party hosted by him on a cruise ship. When he blamed me for what had happened, I even quit my job. 

A week later, Keith came knocking on my door for some reason and asked me to come back as his secretary…

“Are you asking me to come back?”

“Am I not? Tell me anything you want.”


I bit my lips and managed to swallow my words. That was one way to kill myself.


  • Original Title: 키스미, 라이어
  • Author: ZIG
  • Type: BL Novel (with webtoon adaptation)
  • Genre: Boys Love, Omegaverse


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